Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Team Baby - Embryo Transfer

We had our embryo transfer yesterday and everything went great.  "Perfect" was the word of the day.  Dr. Marrs walked in and said, "You get the Heisman Trophy Award for the best embryos."  I didn't really know what he meant at first but he said that our embryos couldn't have ranked any higher - they were perfect!  :) I instantly got the chills!  I think embryo transfer is the most nerve wrecking day (well...besides the day of the pregnancy test).  I was so worried about how our embryos were growing and how many good ones we would have.  Jamie had a quick ultrasound to check how full her bladder was.  She had to have it super full so they can better visualize her uterus - which is really uncomfortable for her. They said her uterine lining measured 12mm - which is perfectly fluffy!  We ended up implanting 2 embryos and freezing 9!!  Hopefully this transfer works and we can use the frozen embryos in a couple years for some siblings!  :) 
I had to get another picture of all the special tools haha.. 
Our embryo incubator.
Dr. Richards getting our embryos from the petri dish to implant in Jamie.
Watching the ultrasound machine - seeing my future babies being implanted.  They stick a small straw through Jamie's cervix and into her uterus so they can implant  the embryos exactly where they want them.
Embryo A.
Embryo B.
The outer layer creates the placenta and the inner cluster creates the baby!  Dr. Marrs said there are already over 130 cells!  :)
Curtis was out of town in Arizona for work - so he wasn't there.  Which is kind of hilarious to think about - My husband wasn't even in the same state when our babies were conceived haha..  How is that even possible?!  However, my mom got to be there, which was so awesome!  
When Dr. Marrs walked in he said, "Wow, we have the whole family here - Grandma, Mom, Aunt, & Uncle." :)  My mom didn't get it at first.  I had to explain that she's the grandma, I'm the mom, Jamie's the aunt, and Tyler's the uncle.  Then she laughed out loud.  :)
 She's my hero.  Truly.  I can't think of anything more selfless than what Jamie is doing for us.  Amazing.    

After the transfer, my mom and I went up to Jamie's house to watch her kids while she was on bed rest. 
 Just the cutest thing.
 My mom is definitely the best grandma EVER! 
 Hugging her Mickey Mouse.
 We rented a movie for the kids and got some treats!  :) 
It is seriously crazy how much you can love your nieces and nephews.  I can't even imagine how it feels with your own child.  Hopefully we get to experience that soon! 


The Coxes (Coxen?) said...

Good luck, Kim! We're praying for you guys!!!

Leo said...

I hope you get to experience that soon too! I've kept up with your blog and this whole process and I'm praying it works for you guys!

Our Family said...

How exciting!! And those pictures of your babies will be so perfect for the first page of your baby book! We are keeping you in our prayers and hope so much that this will be the end and begining for this journey!

Kyle and Shallan said...

Good luck, Kim! I have been following your team baby posts, and I hope everything goes well! You are in my prayers!!!

Lauren Perry said...

I am so happy that I randomly decided to check blogs today! Prayers your way! What an exciting and wonderful experience and gift. I wish you the best of luck with your baby(ies).

Josh and Megan said...

PERFECT is a great way to describe the transfer!!! AWESOME!! I really am praying for you guys! Even Mason mumbled (as I was saying the prayer) bless "kimmy babies".
We love you Kim and Curtis!

Kassie said...

Yay!! thinking of your family!!! :) XOXOXOX

Courtney and Landon Fowler said...

Hey Kim and Curtis,
This is kellen fowler's sister in law. I'm not sure if you remember me very well but I came across your blog form Katie and corby's. I just wanted you two to know that we are cheering for you and praying for you to get the little family you have been waiting and working for! Thank you for sharing your story. It's truly inspirational! We're rooting for twins too! And what gorgeous babies they will be!