Saturday, September 8, 2012

Team Baby - Fertilization

I found out yesterday that 25 of my 28 eggs fertilized!  We had 33 eggs retrieved, 28 were mature and 25 fertilized!  Our Dr. said the average is about 50% so anything above that is great!  We are so excited!!  He is going to call me on Sunday and give me an update on how the embryos are growing.
For some reason yesterday I had a "moment" when I started to wonder - What if this doesn't work? What would we do next?  Would we go straight into adoption?  I was kind of freaking out, so I called Curtis and told him I was going to the temple.  He told me to wait until he got home so he could come with me.
I felt so much better afterwards!  I felt way more calm and confident.  Hopefully that's a good sign haha..  :)  My job is it's all up to Jamie and her "fluffy" uterus!  Here's to hoping for embryo attachment!
I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth last night.  Curtis walks in - and here's the conversation we had:
Curtis: "Holy Shi*!"
Kim: "What?!"
Curtis: "Your stomach is HUGE!"
Kim: "I told you."
Curtis: "That's crazy!"
Kim: "I know."
Curtis: "Like, super crazy."
Kim: "I know."
My stomach is still enormous and uncomfortable.  I think I overexerted myself yesterday by walking around the mall while Curtis was at work.  I probably should have stayed home and put my feet up.  :)   It's getting a little bit better - slowly but surely.


The Dabo's said...

Are you brushing your teeth naked again? So happy about the embryos! Let's just put like 5 in. We would for sure get a baby out of that right?


HOLY COW, 24!!!
I'm calling it....TWINS!!
GREAT JOB doing your part!
IT sounds like you did everything right and everything so far is PICTURE PERFECT!
Now for Jamie...She better get ready to STRETCH!!
Can't WAIT!!

Kassie said...

KIM.. You guys are in my prayers!!! :) I'm calling TWINS too..then you can join the multiple club.. that's so amazing.. wishing you all the best!!! EXCITING!!!

Josh and Megan said...

24 kids!!! YES!!!
Just kidding! Still though, that's WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! I hope you get twins or triplets too!!