Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Team Baby - The Ugly Truth

This post is a little too personal, but whatever. 
Me and fertility drugs do not mix well together.  My body overreacts to medications.  After my egg retrieval, my ovaries went into hyperstimulation.  Your ovaries become swollen and leak fluid into your abdomen.
My stomach got crazy huge and uncomfortable.
Then my face freaks out.  Ugh. So pretty huh.  The hCG trigger shot does not like my face.
My stomach is almost back to normal, but my face will take a while to calm down.  You do what ya gotta do right? 


Josh and Megan said...

Yikes!! You doing okay though?? Any news from a pregnancy test yet??

The Dabo's said...

HOLY! How did I miss this post? Well your stomach and face looked back to normal in St. George! I'm glad I didn't need that shot.

Chelsea said...

Kim, I am so sorry you had to go through that. Horrible! What a good woman you are!