Monday, September 3, 2012

Team Baby - Kissing Ovaries


I had another blood draw and ultrasound today.  I was scheduled to work from 5am-5pm, so I had to find someone to come cover me for a couple hours.  I think that has been one of the most stressful things - just figuring out my work schedule and fitting it in with the whole invitro schedule.  Last minute, I found an amazing nurse to come in on Labor Day and cover my patients for an hour and a half.  It worked out perfectly!
My eggs continue to grow and grow.  My left ovary is pretty much ready to go.  Most the eggs measure 19-21mm.  My right ovary has more eggs, but they measure a little smaller.  My doctor wants to stop the Follistim and just do Lupron and Menopur tonight.  The plan is trigger shot tomorrow, blood draw Wednesday, and egg retrieval Thursday!  Things are looking great.
My ovaries are HUGE!  They are so full of eggs and swollen that they are touching!  If you are a boy this might not mean much since all your junk just hangs together all the time - but girl ovaries do not touch - not ever.  One is supposed to be on the right side and one of the left.  "Kissing ovaries" sounds so cute right?!  WRONG!  Yea, mine are like the size of oranges and are totally making out now.  They are squishing into each other and making me feel SUPER bloated and uncomfortable.  I'm so thankful for stretchy scrubs!  I don't think I could fit into my jeans unless I unbutton them in secret :)  It is so crazy what your body can do!  I'm thankful to have growing eggs/ovaries - even if it makes me look like Kate Gosselin prior to delivering her small nation.


The Dabo's said...

It's getting so close!

oodlesofoversons said...

Woot woot for giant, making out ovaries!!!! 💋💋

The Pearson's said...

Cute post! You made me laugh out loud a lot!