Thursday, September 6, 2012

Team Baby - Egg Retrieval

Today was the big egg retrieval day!  Curtis and I showed up to Utah Fertility Partners at 7:15am.  They brought me back to the pre-op room where I changed into a gown and the nurse started my IV.  I was talking to her about egg retrievals and what their average number of eggs were.  She said every girl is different but they have had any where from 6 to 30.  The average egg retrieval is 10-12 eggs.  For some reason I thought I'd have about 17 eggs.  They gave me an antibiotic, put my legs in some stirrups, then I started counting back from 10 and was out!  I started waking up at about 9ish and immediately asked "How many eggs did you get?"  They extracted 33 eggs!!!  That is my personal best!  Last time we did invitro we got 27.  Yay for huge ovaries right?!  I was so excited to hear such good results!  
Soon after retrieval they take Curtis' little spermies and inject them into each and every egg - called ICSI.  He provided his "sample" last month.  Usually you just provide a fresh sample the day of retrieval, but when you use a gestational carrier the FDA has different rules and regulations.  They make you provide the sample in advance - then get your infectious disease blood screenings a month later to ensure that the sperm sample is cleared from all diseases.  So they defrosted his sample today and picked out the very best ones to inject into all my eggs.  We find out tomorrow how many eggs fertilized. 
I got home from surgery to a 20 pack of "recovery" Diet Mountain Dew from a friend.  Haha.. So sweet!  
Wheat Thins and a heating pad were my lifesaver today, along with some pain meds haha.. You are definitely bloated and uncomfortable after surgery.  I have ovaries the size of oranges/grape fruits being poked and prodded with needles...and you're going to have a sore tummy afterwards.  But 33 eggs makes it all worth it!  :)  

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Love Bug Bows said...

So happy for you Kim and Curtis! Extra prayers for you and Jamie each and EVERY day! Love you guys!