Friday, October 12, 2012

Parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary

My parent's 40th wedding anniversary is in December this year! 40 YEARS! So awesome.  My mom wanted all her kids - and their spouses - to get together for a weekend. So we did.  We all went to St. George for a few days.  It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone - kid free.  We went hiking, watched BYU football, got massages, boys went golfing, laid out by the pool, played volleyball, ate out every night, went to the temple, played games, went to the was a packed little trip.  SO fun!  :)  My family is pretty great!  I kind of forgot to take pictures, so most of these are from my phone. 
Hiking The Narrows at Zion's.  It was a perfect day! 
Mitch, John, Dan, Tyler, Dad, & Curtis
The boys went golfing while all the girls got massages and laid out by the pool.
We took a trip to the St. George temple and did sealings.  It was pretty awesome!
Jill, Kim, & Jamie
All the girls outside the temple!
Mom, Stephanie, Jill, Kim, & Jamie
Stephanie & Kim at Outback.

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