Thursday, October 25, 2012

Team Babies - 9 Weeks

We had our 9 week appointment today with a Maternal Fetal Specialist up at IMC.  We got to see all three little stinkers today and hear their cute little heartbeats. I can't even begin to explain how amazing that sound is to me.  To go through 6 in vitro cycles and never hear a single heartbeat - and on the 7th and final round - we hear three separate heartbeats - it's truly unbelievable.  The little gummi bears are all growing well and everything looks good so far.
Our appointment today was good and bad.  SO good to see our babies growing well with strong heartbeats, but bad to learn all the risks - to the babies and to Jamie.  Having identical twins is a high risk pregnancy in and of itself.  There are a lot of different complications that can come with identicals - but then you throw another baby in there and it complicates things even more.  Our Dr. was very straight forward with us and let us know what may come up in the future.  Everything has a percentage - we just hope to be on the healthy side of things!! 
Oh, I made my first purchase today:
I've heard it's a great book with a lot of good ideas - but you can take what you like and adjust it to your own babies and life style.  We'll see.  :)


Josh and Megan said...

I LOVE this BOOK! LOVE! It's worked for me!! My babies sleep beautifully! Now, remember...sometimes you will do WHAT is BEST FOR YOU, your husband and your babies... and not what a book says. You just never know! ;)

I'm so happy for you Kim!

The Roches said...

Hi Kim! I know it's been FOREVER since we've talked, but I saw your story and I've now read you whole blog about your journey! It is so inspiring and so touching. Your happy news made my day today!
I know of a girl who has identical triplet girls that just turned a year old. She also documented her entire pregnancy and their journey all the way along, and I'm sure she'd love to share some insight if you'd be interested! Her blog is
Can't wait to follow the rest of your adventure!

Ashlei said...

Congrats Kim! So excited for you!