Friday, November 16, 2012


To Accutane or not to Accutane?  Ever since I have started fertility treatments years ago - my skin has forever changed.  My body HATES artificial hormones!  In high school I may have had 10 zits total.  Now I have 10 zits on my left chin.  I'm REALLY contemplating going on Accutane.  The list of side effects go on and on...but I don't think I can take my face looking like a war zone much longer.  It is definitely the biggest confidence deflater EVER! 
I remember complaining about my skin to my best friend Jen.  I sent her a picture of how terrible it looked:
  She asked me if there was any way to cover them or if I had tried Proactiv. :)  She's the type of person that knows exactly what to say.  She never said "Oh, it doesn't look that bad" or "Well, at least you don't have to get fat during the pregnancy" (Yes, I got those responses from someone).  I remember telling her the zits, injections, vaginal ultrasounds, money, etc. would totally be worth it if there was a positive pregnancy test in the end.  A few weeks later I sent her this picture:
She was freaking out and so excited for us.  Then she asked, "Now do you LOVE your zits?" haha.. :) I replied, "YES!!"
Everything we have been through is TOTALLY worth it - to have 3 kids in the end is the biggest blessing EVER!!!!!!  But, if I can take something to fix my skin - I think I might try it.  Any thoughts??

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Team Babies - 11 Weeks 1 Day

We had our 11 week appointment a couple days ago and things looked great!  There's a membrane between Baby A and Baby B!!!! If any of you have had identical twins you know how important the membrane is.  If they split into identical twins after Day 8 of fertilization they become Monochorionic/Monoamniotic twins and are in the same amniotic sac.  There's up to a 50% mortality rate with this type of twins because they can get entangled in each others umbilical cords.  Our identical twins must have split sometime between Day 5-8 and are Monochorionic/Diamniotic twins.  They are in separate amniotic sacs, but share they same placenta.  There still are complications that can arise in the future, but at least we got around the first milestone!  
We met with a different Dr. this time and totally loved him!  We'll see him again at our next appointment in 3 weeks. Here's some pics of the kiddos.
 Baby A
 Baby B
 Baby C
All THREE! So dang cute!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Team Babies - Announcing to the Brown's

I forgot to blog about how we told Curtis' family the amazing news - so I'll just post it now  :)  Curtis' family has definitely known about our infertility struggle and knew that Jamie had offered to try and carry our baby for us sometime in the future, but they didn't know any of the details.  So we got to totally surprise them! 
Curtis' brother is currently playing football for UNLV.  We decided to go down to his game on October 13th and tell his brother and dad afterwards.  His mom and sister couldn't make it, so we had to tell them over the phone.  Kenny did SO good, but they ended up losing 42-37 in the last few minutes.  After the game we all went to dinner at TGI Fridays. Curtis' dad - Herman - went to grab the check to pay for our meal, but Curtis stopped him and said we had a coupon.  We handed him this: 
He looked up at us with tears in his eyes.  He was shocked!  He just kept starring at the picture with tears streaming down his face.  Then Curtis said, "Wait, I think we have another coupon." And handed him this:
At first I don't think he really got it.  I think he thought we were handing him another picture of the one baby so I pointed and said, "A, B, and C."  He looked up at us and said, "No way! Three?!" We all were bawling.  Kenny was on his phone and was probably thinking - What the heck is going on? Why is everyone crying?  He told his friend he had to call them back.  Curtis said, "You're gonna be an uncle...TIMES THREE."  He was so excited!  :)  Herman just kept starring at the pictures.  He said, "Kim, you have no idea how often I pray for you guys.  God is SO good!"  Then he asked, "Wait, do you guys really have a coupon?" haha... 
After dinner I emailed this video to Curtis' mom and sister:
We told them to call us right after they watch it.  His mom - Cheryl - called us within a few minutes and was thrilled!  She immediately asked how Jamie was feeling. She kept saying, "Make sure you tell Tyler and Jamie how thankful I am for everything they are doing.  Wow, I can't believe I'm going to be a grandma!"  His sister - Stephanie - called us later that night and couldn't even talk she was crying so hard.  She said she'd call us back once she could gather her emotions.  She text us and said she was ecstatic.  She said we were going to make amazing parents.  She also asked about Jamie and said there aren't enough words to describe Jamie and what she is doing for us.  She was SO excited to be an aunt!!  :) 
All of their reactions were priceless!  They were all SO positive and SO excited.  Sometimes you don't get the reaction you are hoping for, but they exceeded our expectations!  We can't wait for these three babies to join our family!!