Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hawaii 2012

A few months ago we realized Kenny's LAST football game of his college career was in Oahu, Hawaii.  We decided we were going to go support him - and also have a nice little vacation.  I almost talked myself out of going to save money - but then realized that after March/April (when these babies come) we weren't going to take a vacation in a LONG time.  So we went.  And enjoyed every minute! We flew out the day after Thanksgiving.  Beware of picture overload:
Our cute little condo two blocks away from the beach. Cute. Cheap. Perfect.
View from the condo. The pink hotel is where my cousin Lieren works :)
Yep - they have Spam singles.  I almost had a midnight snack.  Not.
I love the beach! 

Downtown parade. 

Curtis HATES heights. So we stayed on the 21st floor :)
UNLV vs. Hawaii
UNLV lost bad, but Kenny played well, so that's all that matters. 

We went to church with my cousin Lieren.  They meet in the tabernacle. It was a beautiful building!  We went to lunch with them afterwards.
.love him.
Uncle Lorin, Lieren, & Chandler

I LOVED hanging out with Lieren and Chandler!  We miss them SO much. 

Curtis and I took a Sunday hike up Manoa Falls.  It was more like a dribble. 

Night stroll on the beach!

Lieren recommended going to Lanikai Beach.  It was gorgeous and the sand was SO soft, but it was a pretty windy day, so we left early.

That same day we hiked up Maunawili Falls.  We got lost on the way up.  Curtis swore he would never hike again haha.  They said it was a beginner hike but my legs were killing me afterwards!  :)  I would definitely recommend the hike. It was really pretty all the way up. 

There's a waterfall at the end that you can jump off.  FREEZING cold water.  Curtis wouldn't do it. 
Smiazu shaved ice. Delicious!  We got 1/2 rootbeer float 1/2 creme brulee. 
Dinner at Ihop.  They have the BEST harvest grain pancakes.  My absolute fav! 
I hiked Maunawili Falls in flip flops.  My feet were tore up afterwards, so we went and got pedicures :)
Not really sure :)

Waikiki Beach!

Curtis was playing with my camera.

I already wanna go back.
I think every single person in Waikiki took pictures by this Christmas Tree.  So we needed one too. 

Burger King has the BEST ice cream EVER.  I think we went there almost every night :) 
Flying back home.  :(
Best travel partner ever.  I think he was asleep before we ever took off.

I miss this boy!


Stephanie said...

So fun!!! Glad you got to go and have one last shabang before the babies come!! can't wait to go to Hawaii!!!

Josh and Megan said...

So fun steph!!! Play a lot while you can for sure!!!!

Blake and Brandi Beck said...

What condos did you stay in??
I am super jealous of your trip.. love Hawaii!

The Dabo's said...

Totally jealous! Looked like a blast. You guys deserve it!