Sunday, December 23, 2012

Maternity-ish Pics

My friend Lauren - Perrywinkle Photography - offered to take some "maternity photos" for us!  She did such an amazing job and captured just what I was looking for!  
Tyler, Jamie, Kim, and Curtis!  
Love them.
If I had a Christmas card - I would have used this photo.
Just pretend you got one in the mail :)
I love this one too.
This is our "Sister Wives" awkward picture haha  :)  I like the whole wrapped "gift" idea tho.
Daddy & Mommy to be.  How crazy is that?! 
I'm so glad it snowed the night before.  The backyard was gorgeous! 
Thank you SOOOOO much Lauren!  We absolutely LOVE all the pictures!
PS. Gender reveal pics to come!!!


*Alice Anne* said...

I saw these on Facebook and I went on a 'liking' rampage! They are so gorgeous and so perfect!


Turned out GREAT!!
You all look H.O.T!

Abbey said...

These pictures are awesome! I especially love the one where you are holding the sign, 'growing in my heart.' So sweet!