Monday, December 3, 2012

Team Babies - 14 Weeks 4 Days

We had an ultrasound today and things looked great!  All the babies are growing well and measuring on schedule.  The Dr. said all 3 babies have 3 vessel umbilical cords, which is awesome. I guess sometimes identical twins can have 2 vessel cords.
Baby A
Baby B
Baby C had it's hands up by it's face with it's legs crossed. So cute!
It's crazy how much you can love something that has only been around for 14.5 weeks.  :)
Jamie is starting to get a little belly. Cutest thing! She says the "morning sickness" has subsided-which is great. We can't wait to find out the genders of these little guys!


Misses Barlow said...

I love this post. Miracles happen and I cannot wait to meet your miracles!

Josh and Megan said...

Miracles do happen!!!!