Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Team Babies - 16 Weeks 4 Days

We had our 16.5 week appointment yesterday!  I think it was the longest appointment so far.  They measured/monitored EVERYTHING - head, chorion, ventricles, femur, arms, bladder, kidneys, umbilical cords, spine, etc. TIMES THREE!  I loved every minute, especially when the ultrasound tech would say things looked great.  :)  The babies are all growing well - weighing in at approximately 6 oz. each.  They are all measuring the same - which is GREAT!  They monitor the identicals really closely to make sure one isn't taking all the nutrients and getting too big while the other one gets shafted and stops growing.  Jamie says she is feeling great right now - perfect timing for the holidays!  Her baby bump is adorable.
Baby A
Baby B
Baby C
Can they get any cuter?? 
Sausage fest? Estrogen party? Or a mixture of both? 


Fosters said...

2 boys (twins) and a girl!

Unknown said...

The ultrasound alone was an hour and a half! Crazy but so much fun to see every little body part!

Stephanie said...

sausage fest!! hahaha that is too funny!!!!!! hahahahahaha still laughing!!!!!

Kat said...

I think it's 2 boys and one girl! I am so happy for you, Kim!!!

Blake and Brandi Beck said...

Estrogen Party haha! Love it!
So glad things are going well!