Sunday, January 6, 2013

California Baby Shower - Gender Reveal

I can't believe that I had a baby shower.  Me.  I did.  So weird.  I have always dreamed of having a baby shower, but never thought it would actually happen.  My best friend Jen, her mom Patty, and my mom threw me the BEST baby shower EVER!  Everything I have ever dreamed of.  No one (besides my immediate family) knew what the genders were.  We decided to copy Giuliana and Bill and reveal the genders at the baby shower!  :) 


Everyone that came in had to guess what they thought the babies were. 3 pink necklaces? 3 blue necklaces? Or a mix? 

The BEAUTIFUL cake my sister made the night before.

My brother Mitch spent hours printing out "It's Triplets" on paper and wrapping all the chocolates :)

Onesies from Jamie!  Super cute idea! 

Baba picked 2 blue necklaces and 1 pink!
Jamie & Olivia
Some of my best friends! 
Jen, Kayla, Kelsie & Colt, Kim, and Amber




Look at my face hahaha!  Just a little excited! 
Everyone was cheering afterwards!

Special surprise inside the cake :)

 Grandma and Grandpa Brown made the drive up to Hollister for the shower.
They spoiled the babies with tons of gifts! :)
My mom cleaning up already haha  :) She did an amazing job putting this all together! 
 Super cute bag filled with goodies! Lizette made it two hours before the shower! 
Another gift from my best friend Trisha! I'm definitely taking their 3 month pictures in these outfits! 
 My Aunt Judy and cousins wanted to buy outfits for the babies, but didn't know the genders prior, so she bought 3 girl gifts and 3 boy gifts - then took back the rest.  Haha...
My photographers. Stephanie...
 ...and Jill  :)

 Laker onesies from Mitch & Jill  :) 
 Little something special for Jamie from Cheryl.  :)  So sweet!!

 Kim & Amber - we have been friends since preschool! 
Preschool, middle school, graduation... Love this girl!
 Kim & Trisha! 
Other gift from Trisha! Love it!!
 My niece Olivia.  She is SO excited to have 3 more cousins.  She said she was hoping for 2 girls and a boy but will settle for 1 girl.  :)  So cute! 
 Thank you Jen for the best shower!!  :)
 I will never be able to thank her enough.  She seriously is making all our dreams come true! LOVE HER! 
 Curtis came towards the end.  :)
The whole day felt so surreal.  I still can't believe this is really happening.
The day couldn't have been any better!! 


*Alice Anne* said...

It is still amazing to me that this is really happening! Am I allowed to say that I'm glad you didn't pursue adoption? Lol. Cutest baby shower ever!

jess and lacy said...

Love it!

Josh and Megan said...

WHAT AN AMAZING DAY FOR YOU!!!!! I love the way you opened the genders!! So adorable!!!

Melissa Johnson said...

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