Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas in California was AMAZING this year!  We drove down to Palmdale the week before xmas and spent some time with Curtis' family, then drove up to Hollister a few days later to see my WHOLE family.  Everyone made the trek to Hollister this year.  There were 11 adults plus 14 grandkids (soon to be 17) all under one roof.  It was crazy, but perfect! 
The book I read on the drive  :) 
Got to see my puppy Tyson! Miss him. 
We had a party at Mitch & Jill's house to watch the BYU bowl game!
Curtis & Brooke
So stinkin' cute!
We drove around and saw some great Christmas lights!

{CHRISTMAS EVE} at Jenna's house.
Lia posing for the camera
Lia & Esther
Peter carving the meat.
Delicious food

I love this picture!  My Baba is 92!! Soon to be 93.  She's pretty amazing!
Kids acting out The Nativity.

 Tons of presents
Gifts from Curtis :)

The babies first Christmas gifts - from Jamie! Cutest little outfits ever!

Alex hiding.
 Esther and her favorite puppy!
 Lil' Lia playing. 
 Derek and his new BYU hat!
 Mitch finding out the babies genders!
Then Jill...  They came up on the 26th, so they weren't there when I told my parents!
 My all time favorite gift - from Jamie.  I love it!!  Three little eggs in a nest with a momma bird next to it.  :) 
OK...this gift from my best friend Trisha ties for 1st as well.  
1. Kim & Curtis. 
2. Kim, Curtis, & Jamie with 3 babies. 
3. Kim, Curtis, & Jamie delivering 3 babies. 
4. Kim, Curtis, and 3 babies. 
Such a cute idea!
Gift from my parents.  Curtis and I picked right! 
Look how green and beautiful Hollister is!  I'm so glad my whole family could get together and spend this Christmas holiday together.  I'm so lucky to have such an amazing family! 

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