Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gender Reveal To Grandma & Grandpa

We planned on waiting until Christmas morning to tell my parents the babies genders, but my mom couldn't wait any longer - so we told them Christmas Eve after all the grandkids went to bed :) 
 Baby A, Baby B, and Baby C




They are just as excited as we are!!  
I wrapped this exact frame and hid it at Curtis' house.  We called his parents on Facetime and had them open it.  They were THRILLED!!  :)  They'll go from 0 grandkids to 3!  :)


*Alice Anne* said...

You're making me cry! ... And how cute is this gender reveal?!

The Dabo's said...

What if stinky little girl wasn't in there? It just wouldn't be as fun! So glad you get to experience both, because both are so awesome!