Thursday, February 28, 2013

Team Babies - 26 Weeks 4 Days

We had our 26 week appointment a few days ago.  Curtis and Tyler were there too - it was a party!  All the babies look fantastic!  It was a quick ultrasound to check growth, amniotic fluid levels, heart beats, and cervix length. He told us if Jamie's cervix was 2.5 cm he would put her on bed rest.  If it was 2 cm or less, we'd go down to labor and delivery and just make sure he wasn't missing any contractions or anything.  Jamie's measured over 4 cm!  He's like, "I was going to tell you to take it easy, but just keep doing what you're doing!"  Such great news!
Curtis asked the Dr. how often he sees gestational carriers in his office.  He said he's had a few carriers with twins, but he can't remember any with triplets. Yea - we got extremely lucky! :) 
I asked the Dr. about delivery - if we'd be allowed in the OR during the c-section.  He said he allows two people in during delivery.  :(  We assumed the two people would be Tyler and me.  Curtis asked the Dr. where he would be during delivery and how soon he'd be able to see his kids, etc.  After the appointment Tyler and Jamie both said - "Um, no.  The two people will be you and Curtis."  Are you kidding me?!  Like seriously?!  Totally made my heart melt!  I felt SO bad that Curtis wouldn't get to be in there.  He's THRILLED!!!  I don't know if they'll let him cut the cord or anything, but at least he'll get to see his babies take their first breath.  So amazing!   
Baby A
Baby B
Baby C

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Week

I flew to California to spend Valentine's Day with Curtis.  I ended up getting time off work so I got to stay the whole week. We spent the first few nights in Palmdale, Valentine's Day in Burbank, drove to Hollister for a night, stopped in Clovis, then back to Palmdale.  It was the perfect week! 
There was a dog sitting next to me on my flight to CA.  Random.
 Took a stroll down Rodeo drive.
 Valentine's gift for Curtis.  CUTEST thing ever! 
I love that he got me a skunk balloon.
He's not very subtle. 
Curtis planned the best Valentine's Day!  We got 90 minutes massages after he got off work, spent the day at Universal Studios City Walk, dinner and a movie (Safe Haven) afterwards.  Fun! 
Curtis has rhythm - but CANNOT hula-hoop.  It was hilarious watching him try. 
He wins the best husband award!

Had to hit up the candy store before the movie. 

 Love this guy.
We got pedicures in Hollister.
My brother got in an accident while we were in town,  Some lady pulled in front of him while he was riding his motorcycle.  My best friend called me and said she saw John on the side of the road with all these ambulances around.  I was freaking out.  We were only a block away so we drove straight there.  They life-flighted him to a hospital in San Jose due to the mechanism of injury and they thought he had a pelvic injury.  He ended up with a tiny scratch on his hand, a swollen ankle, and an overall sore body - that's it!  He was SO lucky.  I definitely make a far better ER nurse than and ER visitor.  I can handle pretty much anything - as long as my friends or family isn't involved.

Got to see Tyson!  :)  Miss him.
 Our new house in Clovis!  It's pretty cute.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Team Babies - 24 Weeks 4 Days

We had our 24 week appointment today.  My mom got to come see the kiddos for the first time.  This will make the 15th, 16th, and 17th grandchild for my parents.  The babies were active and all looked great!  Jamie had to do her glucose test prior to the ultrasound.  She ended up failing 2 out of the 4 blood sugar tests (by 8 points) so is now categorized as having mild gestational diabetes.  No meds needed yet, she just has to check her blood sugar 4 times a day.  Sucky! 
Baby A
Baby B
Baby C

Growing belly!  :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Utah Baby Shower

My sister Stephanie, friend Alysia, and my mom threw me a baby shower today!  It was absolutely perfect!  I still can't believe this is all really happening. 
Yummy food...
...and dessert.

 My mom has made towels with names on them for every grandchild, every cousin, every friend of a friend - basically everyone.  And she finally made me some!!!  :)  They are the cutest! 
I found this cute shirt online and had to get it for Jamie! 
 She's pretty amazing.

 Friends from my ward.  
Jodi, Andrea, Jenica, & Kim
Our ward is amazing.  I'm definitely going to miss them when we move :(
 24 weeks, 2 days!  She looks great!! :) 
 Friends since birth.
Britta & Kat
 Alysia & I
Stephanie, me & my mom.
Thank you guys soooooo much for an amazing day! 
I never thought I'd be the type to do the "match-matchy", but I think it's SO cute now haha  :) 
I wish I was creative - and knew how to sew.
My friend Andrea made some cute burp cloths and pacifier clips... 
...Linsey made these newborn shoes...
...and Wendy knitted these adorable sock monkeys!  :)
 Diapers galore!

Sweet bracelet from Jessica - momma bird and her three eggs.
She knew how much I loved my necklace and got me a matching bracelet.  :)
Baby C's first brown doll  :)  My fav! 
My mom kept a journal when I was born and wrote to me every so often from birth 'til I was married.  It is one of my most prized possessions.  My sister got me these notebooks to keep the tradition going to my kids :) 
Some of Jamie's friends pitched in and got these babies TONS of stuff.  I seriously can't believe how generous people are.  Some of them have never even met me.  I was in awe.  Truly amazing.  People are so nice!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!