Thursday, February 28, 2013

Team Babies - 26 Weeks 4 Days

We had our 26 week appointment a few days ago.  Curtis and Tyler were there too - it was a party!  All the babies look fantastic!  It was a quick ultrasound to check growth, amniotic fluid levels, heart beats, and cervix length. He told us if Jamie's cervix was 2.5 cm he would put her on bed rest.  If it was 2 cm or less, we'd go down to labor and delivery and just make sure he wasn't missing any contractions or anything.  Jamie's measured over 4 cm!  He's like, "I was going to tell you to take it easy, but just keep doing what you're doing!"  Such great news!
Curtis asked the Dr. how often he sees gestational carriers in his office.  He said he's had a few carriers with twins, but he can't remember any with triplets. Yea - we got extremely lucky! :) 
I asked the Dr. about delivery - if we'd be allowed in the OR during the c-section.  He said he allows two people in during delivery.  :(  We assumed the two people would be Tyler and me.  Curtis asked the Dr. where he would be during delivery and how soon he'd be able to see his kids, etc.  After the appointment Tyler and Jamie both said - "Um, no.  The two people will be you and Curtis."  Are you kidding me?!  Like seriously?!  Totally made my heart melt!  I felt SO bad that Curtis wouldn't get to be in there.  He's THRILLED!!!  I don't know if they'll let him cut the cord or anything, but at least he'll get to see his babies take their first breath.  So amazing!   
Baby A
Baby B
Baby C


Josh and Megan said...

WOW!!!! 4 cm??? That IS great news! Way to go Jamie's cervix! LOL!!!!
I'm so happy for you! love you guys!

MoJo said...

Go babies!!!


Jamie's Cervix is made of STEEL!!
So happy Curtis and you both get to be in there! I can't wait to see your CUTE alphabet family!!

*Alice Anne* said...

I keep forgetting that there's one girl in there! I keep imagining yall having a mini football team, haha. Yay, keep growing babies!!