Saturday, February 9, 2013

Utah Baby Shower

My sister Stephanie, friend Alysia, and my mom threw me a baby shower today!  It was absolutely perfect!  I still can't believe this is all really happening. 
Yummy food...
...and dessert.

 My mom has made towels with names on them for every grandchild, every cousin, every friend of a friend - basically everyone.  And she finally made me some!!!  :)  They are the cutest! 
I found this cute shirt online and had to get it for Jamie! 
 She's pretty amazing.

 Friends from my ward.  
Jodi, Andrea, Jenica, & Kim
Our ward is amazing.  I'm definitely going to miss them when we move :(
 24 weeks, 2 days!  She looks great!! :) 
 Friends since birth.
Britta & Kat
 Alysia & I
Stephanie, me & my mom.
Thank you guys soooooo much for an amazing day! 
I never thought I'd be the type to do the "match-matchy", but I think it's SO cute now haha  :) 
I wish I was creative - and knew how to sew.
My friend Andrea made some cute burp cloths and pacifier clips... 
...Linsey made these newborn shoes...
...and Wendy knitted these adorable sock monkeys!  :)
 Diapers galore!

Sweet bracelet from Jessica - momma bird and her three eggs.
She knew how much I loved my necklace and got me a matching bracelet.  :)
Baby C's first brown doll  :)  My fav! 
My mom kept a journal when I was born and wrote to me every so often from birth 'til I was married.  It is one of my most prized possessions.  My sister got me these notebooks to keep the tradition going to my kids :) 
Some of Jamie's friends pitched in and got these babies TONS of stuff.  I seriously can't believe how generous people are.  Some of them have never even met me.  I was in awe.  Truly amazing.  People are so nice!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 


Ruth said...

So glad that you were able to have that wonderful support. We continue to pray for all of you daily. Glad that Britta and Daniel were there to represent me, also. Love ya mucho.

Josh and Megan said...

Glad you had a great shower!!! Wow!!! So much stuff!!!! So happy for you!


Such a GREAT Shower!
With lots of GREAT gifts!
You are going to need all you can get!

Blake and Brandi Beck said...

I love this! Especially all the chevron print... Darling!!

*Alice Anne* said...

I posted the pictures I took from your baby shower here:

It was such a good baby shower and it looks like those babies will have everything they need and more! I'm so happy for you!