Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Week

I flew to California to spend Valentine's Day with Curtis.  I ended up getting time off work so I got to stay the whole week. We spent the first few nights in Palmdale, Valentine's Day in Burbank, drove to Hollister for a night, stopped in Clovis, then back to Palmdale.  It was the perfect week! 
There was a dog sitting next to me on my flight to CA.  Random.
 Took a stroll down Rodeo drive.
 Valentine's gift for Curtis.  CUTEST thing ever! 
I love that he got me a skunk balloon.
He's not very subtle. 
Curtis planned the best Valentine's Day!  We got 90 minutes massages after he got off work, spent the day at Universal Studios City Walk, dinner and a movie (Safe Haven) afterwards.  Fun! 
Curtis has rhythm - but CANNOT hula-hoop.  It was hilarious watching him try. 
He wins the best husband award!

Had to hit up the candy store before the movie. 

 Love this guy.
We got pedicures in Hollister.
My brother got in an accident while we were in town,  Some lady pulled in front of him while he was riding his motorcycle.  My best friend called me and said she saw John on the side of the road with all these ambulances around.  I was freaking out.  We were only a block away so we drove straight there.  They life-flighted him to a hospital in San Jose due to the mechanism of injury and they thought he had a pelvic injury.  He ended up with a tiny scratch on his hand, a swollen ankle, and an overall sore body - that's it!  He was SO lucky.  I definitely make a far better ER nurse than and ER visitor.  I can handle pretty much anything - as long as my friends or family isn't involved.

Got to see Tyson!  :)  Miss him.
 Our new house in Clovis!  It's pretty cute.


MoJo said...

Ok that card, hiiiiilarious.

MoJo said...

Ok that card, hiiiiilarious.

NoraB said...

I'm not at all sure about how I found your blog. I guess I was blog hopping ;) your story is so inspirational. What a great family you have. I felt compelled to comment because we also live in Clovis. Welcome to town :)

NoraB said...
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