Monday, March 4, 2013

Curtis' 29th Birthday

Curtis turned the big two-nine yesterday!   Last year in his TWENTIES!!!  

We went to Goodwood with a group of people to celebrate!

A few things you may not know about Curtis:
* He wanted to be a dad before he was 25.  I think having 3 before he's 30 will do.
* Anytime you bring up him being a father he's eyes will start to well up. 
* He was a pretty cute baby.

* He's obsessed with the name Cruz.  He said he dreams about seeing that name in the newspaper.  Baby A will most likely be named Cruz Tyrone Brown.
* He can sleep anywhere - especially when he travels. 

* He thought pubic hair was any hair that came with puberty.  He told me he needed to shave his pubs - and was pointing to his beard.  I told him that was definitely NOT pubic hair - that was facial hair.  He did not believe me and had to google it. 
* He loves candy/treats. 
* He would never book a trip to Europe or go sightseeing. His idea of a vacation is somewhere with a beach and an ocean. 
* He's goofy and always making people laugh.

* He sends me random videos of him singing in church or dancing to rap music.  Hilarious.
* He's the best uncle ever. 

* He HATES bugs/mosquitos. And they love him.
* He's extremely athletic.  Except basketball. 
* He's an extraordinary speaker.  No preparation needed.
* He didn't want to continue fertility treatments after our 5th invitro.  He was totally over the emotional roller coaster.  A year later he finally considered the gestational carrier route (after Jamie offered) - and is SO glad we did! 

* He always wears his wedding ring.  If he leaves home without it, he'll turn around and go back to get it.  
 * He LOVES his family. 
* And mine.
* He's such a great husband - and will be an amazing father in about a month!


Stephanie said...

1 month!!! 1 month!!! I'm doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!! So thrilling!!!!! oh and Happy Birthday Curty!!!

MoJo said...

Happy birthday curtis! What a sweet post, kim!

Josh and Megan said...

Happy last year in your twenties!!!!!!