Saturday, March 2, 2013

Team Babies - Court Date

Yesterday we had to go to court.  We had to stand in front of a Judge - raise our right arm and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Jamie was on the phone in the beginning.  They asked her a variety of questions about how this all came about, if she was forced into signing a contract, if she was responsible for any financial burden, if she felt Curtis and I were capable parents, if the contract was violated in any way, etc.

The judge then asked us about our occupations, if we were financially stable, if we have ever been convicted of abuse against a child, our educational background, etc.  I can't believe the grueling questions we have to go through to become parents.  Crazy!  Well, we passed.  This court date makes it so that the hospital recognizes us as the parents and so our names appear on the babies birth certificates as their parents.  It was the judges first time ever dealing with a Gestational Carrier.  He couldn't believe we have done IVF 7 times.  The judge said Jamie is an amazing person, and that we must be pretty amazing too if she was willing to do this for us.  :)  He said this case made his day and he was so excited for us!   


Josh and Megan said...

Well, it would make my day if I were the judge!!! So happy!!!


I'm glad they didn't throw the BOOK at you!!

Too bad they don't make everyone stand before a judge before they have children! That would solve a LOT of problems with Unfit Parents!