Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby Names

When Curtis and I got married we started talking about baby names.  We didn't really want a baby right away, but we would just talk about names we liked.  He would save his favorite in his phone.  We had similar taste (except a few).  When we started doing fertility treatments we started talking more and more about what our baby would be named.  He had a dream once that we had twin girls named Clarity and Flarity haha! Yea, that was veto'd right away. 
When we found out we were having two boys and one girl it got a lot more real.  Curtis loved the name Cruz from day one.  He said he would dream about his little boy being in the newspaper and see Cruz Brown.  I really liked the name too, but it reminded me of my cousins.  (I love my cousins, but they have the last name Cruz).  Curtis would not give it up.  I folded.  I guess if I had a name I really loved I hope he would let me use it.  Now I LOVE the name.  It fits him perfectly.  And he's all I think about when I hear the name Cruz.  We always knew that if we ever had a boy his middle name would be Tyrone (Curtis' middle name and Curtis' dads middle name).  So Baby A became Cruz Tyrone Brown.  He has the same initials as his daddy.  CTB. 

Baby B was a little harder.  I really wanted one of the babies to have my middle name which is Dabo (my maiden name - I legally changed it to my middle name).  Curtis thought it would be cool if Baby B had my initials so we started thinking about K names.  Nothing really stood out.  Years ago I threw out the name Cash, but Curtis shut it down, so I never brought it up again.  We liked Kade and Knox, but didn't LOVE them.  We started looking into other initials.  Then Curtis brought up the name Kash with a K.  I'm like, you didn't like that name a few years ago, but I guess he changed his mind.  I have always liked Cash so I was all for it.  So we went with Kash Dabo Brown.  He has the same initials as his mommy.  KDB. 

We had a list of names we really liked if we ever had a girl - Reese, Kate, Lucy, etc.  I always wanted to use my mom's name - Julie - as my first baby girl's middle name.  I'm the baby of my family (5 kids), so I thought it would get used before I started having kids.  Once Jamie came into the picture we thought about somehow incorporating her name.  I asked Curtis months ago if we could do Julie for the first name and Lynn as the middle name (Lynn is Jamie's maiden name).  He was all for it.  So we went with Julie Lynn Brown.  We kept it a secret from everyone until the babies were actually born.  We kept telling people it was between Kate and Reese.  

My mom walked over to Baby C and asked Curtis, "So what does she look like? A Reese? Kate? Lucy?"  He said, "I think she looks like a Julie." My mom was confused - thinking "No, she doesn't look like me."  She finally got it and her eyes started welling up.  She had NO idea we had planned to use her name. 
Jamie thought we were going to do Reese Julie.  She was so excited a little piece of her was used as well.  :)  We will always tell these three little miracles how amazing their Aunt Jamie is.  They couldn't have gotten here without her. 
Julie's first time being held by Aunt Jamie. 
Who better to be named after?!  Two of the most incredible women I know!  It works perfectly.   
 Julie's first time being held by grandma. 


Josh and Megan said...

Awesome story!!! I love hearing how babies get their names. I'm just so thrilled that they are all healthy and safe!

Alice Anne said...

Clarity and Flarity!!! Zay had a dream that we had a baby named Blue Sky Valentine, hahaha. Anyway, what special names! I'm so excited for these babies! :)

Kiran Iluri said...

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