Monday, April 15, 2013

First Bath

Babies got their first sponge bath!  Julie got hers on 4.11.13 and Cruz & Kash got theirs on 4.12.13.
Julie just chillin' while getting her bum changed. 

Washing her hair.

Showing her off.  :)
Julie all clean with her first bow.  Adorable. 

Cruz getting his hair washed with a toothbrush.

Cruz all clean with his first mohawk.
Kash loved his bath.

It was hard to totally scrub his head with this big ol' IV on top, but I did my best.

Kash all clean!  Too cute.


Alice Anne said...

Glad to see they are doing so well. :) :) :)

Jessie Donithan said...

They look amazing!!