Saturday, April 20, 2013

One Week Old

Babies are one week old (4.16.13)!  All have their IV's out and are in open cribs!  They are maintaining their temperatures outside the incubator things.  We have been introducing bottles the past few days.  Julie has been rockin' it from the beginning.  She drinks almost two bottles a day (35-40ml's), then has the rest of her feedings thru her NG tube.  The boys are more lazy.  They drink 5-10ml's thru a bottle and have the majority of the feeding still thru their NG tubes.  The suck, swallow, breath reflex usually doesn't come until around 34 weeks - so they are doing so great for how young they are. 
 Skin to skin with Cruz.

 Mommy and Kash. 
 Jamie went home on Saturday.  She's doing well!  Got her staples out and now has steri-strips in place.  She had 22 staples.  Dang!  She's up walking around and resting at home now.  My mom is still living with her and helping out with dinners, kids, etc until she's back to semi-normal. 
Tummy time for Kash.
Baby J taking her first bottle.  She drank almost the entire thing!
So aware.

All smiles with cute lil' dimples.  Adorable!
 Trying to get her to burp.  
 Kash trying out his first bottle.  He only drank 4ml's.  Just learning.
Julie and I.
 My furry little girl.
Cruz with Auntie Stephanie.
 Cruz with his first bottle.  He drank the same as Kash - about 4ml's.

 Julie's first time in clothes.  The hospital has clothes to put them in.  :)
 She found her thumb!

 Kash in his little outfit.

 Cruz in his jammies.
Meeting Grandpa Herman.  

Curtis feeding Cruz.
The staff at IMC is SO nice.  The night nurse, tech, and receptionist all made banners for each kid.  Super cute. 

Open cribs!!  4.15.13.

Introducing Cruz to Julie.  :)

One Week Stats: 
Cruz - 4 lbs 7 oz
Kash - 4 lbs 3 oz
Julie - 4 lbs 11 oz


MoJo said...

Cuuute! Julie smiles just like her daddy.

Jessie Donithan said...

Super cute....I can't believe how well they're doing. ConGrats! !!