Thursday, April 4, 2013

Team Babies - 32 Weeks

32 weeks, 32 weeks, 32 weeks!!!  The words 32 weeks have been engraved in our brains from the beginning.  32 weeks has always been the GOAL, and anything past that is considered a bonus.  I cannot believe we made it to April 4th!!  I really thought the babies would be here by now, but I'm glad they are still cookin' and growing strong.   
Jamie had a nonstress test (NST) today.  The trips looked great.  Fluid levels are even and babies are growing well.  No signs of labor and no bed rest for Jamie at this point.  Yay! 
According to my BabyBump app - the babies are approximately 3.75 lb each and the size of a large jicama.  :)  They will start plumping up over the next couple weeks!  
Jamie had us running laps around her neighborhood with the triplette stroller - just to prepare.  haha  jk.

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Alice Anne said...

I didn't even know they made strollers like that! Ha ha. Yay for 32 weeks and yay for no bed rest!