Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Three Weeks Old

So much has happened this past week.  All three babies went from stage 1 feeding to stage 4 - which means they take all feedings by bottle.  Cruz was having drops in his oxygen levels so he went on oxygen at the beginning of the week.  A few days later both boys got off oxygen and have been off ever since.  I never expected them to progress so quickly.  They are such overachievers. :)  They all got their NG tubes taken out today!  We plan to take Julie - and maybe Cruz - home tomorrow.  Kash is only a day or two behind.  We are so excited! 
It's official!
Cruz pulled out his NG tube a few days ago, so I decided to take some pics without any tape or tubes on his face...

 The next day Julie pulled out her feeding tube...

 And Kash pulled out his NG tube today. :)  They decided to just leave it out since they are taking all their feeds by mouth. 
 Our first family photo.  Priceless.

 Cruz with oxygen.
 Kash without oxygen.
 Julie's umbilical cord was hanging on by a suture (since she had the umbilical arterial line in at birth).  The NP thought it would fall out on it's own, but it never did. The nurse decided to soak it in the bath, then have the NP come in and snip it out.  After her first bath the NP came in and was trying to cut the suture, but ended up ripping it thru the skin (which ended up being better since he was worried he would leave part of the suture in). 
 Julie's first bath. 
 Big yawn like her brother's. 

 Her hair is getting curlier!  So cute.
 All clean.

Cruz and Julie had their carseat test today.  They usually leave a newborn in the carseat for 90 minutes to make sure they don't drop their heart rate or oxygen levels.  Since we are driving to CA soon, they decided to do a 3 hour test instead.  And they passed! 

Three Week Stats:
Cruz - 5 lbs 8oz
Kash - 5 lbs 4oz
Julie - 5 lbs 10oz


The Dabo's said...

Oh my goodness, they are going to be so chubby soon!

tll said...

Love those dimples! Beautiful babies!