Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two Weeks Old

Babies are two weeks old!  Time seriously flies.  All the babies are doing well, still learning how to eat.   They are getting better at drinking the whole bottle and staying awake during feedings.  Julie is more alert than the boys.  They are all still on stage 1 feeding - which means they get one bottle a shift and the rest goes thru their feeding tube.  Julie is almost to stage 2 (two bottles per shift).  Kash has been having drops in his oxygen sats, especially after feedings, so he was placed on oxygen a couple nights ago.  Hopefully he won't be on it too long.  Cruz has started to drop a little in his O2 sats too, but doesn't quite need oxygen yet (hopefully never).  All three babies have surpassed their birth weights, which is great. 
Jamie has been healing well.  It's crazy how great she looks.  If you didn't know her your would NEVER guess she had triplets two weeks ago!  She's up moving around, helping her son play baseball, etc.  Incredible! 
 Kash and his big hands.
 Cruz just chillin'.
Cruz & Kash.  They look so similar!
 Kash hit his birth weight first on 4.18.13.
 Cruz surpassed his birth weight on 4.19.13.
 Julie hit her birth weight on 4.20.13, but then dropped below the next day. I think they weighed her wrong on 4.20.  On 4.22.13 she went above again.
 He adores her.
 Cruz meeting Grandpa Dabo for the first time.
 Grandpa and Cruz.
Jamie is the new Winder Dairy.  :)
 Grandpa and Julie.
 My sweet girl.
 Grandpa and Kash.
 Poor little Kash on oxygen.
 Cruz's first real bath!
I wrapped him in the blanket and forgot to take off his diaper hahaha... So it was soaked!

 Big yawn.
 Warm blanket.
 Cruz all clean.
 Kash's turn!
 Big yawn like his brother.

 Sweet baby.
 Warm blanket.
 Cruz's face is getting a little fuller as he gains weight.
 Julie still has her umbilical cord on - so she can't have a full bath yet.

Suckin' on her fingers.

Holy dimple!

Bright eyed Kash.
Cruz laying on his binkie...
 ...and Kash.  I found them like this at the same time.  Must be identical.  :)
 Kash looking at Grandma.
Holding my pinkie while eating dinner.

Two Week Stats:
Cruz - 4 lbs 15 oz
Kash - 4 lbs 12 oz
Julie - 5 lbs 1 oz


Josh and Megan said...

Makes my heart melt!!! My favorite line: "holy dimple"
Lol! Kim, you crack me up!

Kristen G said...

Your making us wait a WHOLE week for an update! Your crazy amazing story of love and blessings has me checking every night for an update! OK, I get it your BUSY! :) Know you have complet strangers praying for your little miracles!

SuzQuez said...

I wish I had done this for friends. I'm too old now. Did you have to legally adopt them?