Monday, April 15, 2013

Update - First Couple Days

Babies have been doing great.  The boys had NG tubes placed the first day - the feeding tube goes in their nose and to their stomachs so they can be fed little by little.  Julie first had an OG tube, but now has an NG tube like her brothers.  She was on CPAP for about 24 hours and now is on room air and doing well.  They pulled her umbilical art line out as well - 24 hours later.  
They started out getting 5ml of formula to see if their stomachs can tolerate it.  Cruz and Kash were fed the first day and Julie got fed a day later.  They all kept it down.  Everyday they increase their feedings little by little.  Jamie has been pumping for us (awesome) so they are now getting breast milk and formula.  They also get nutrition in their IV's.  They all have lost weight (which is normal in the first 7 days).  Cruz got down to 4lb. 4oz., Kash 4lb. 1oz., and Julie 4lb. 9oz.  
Cruz with his pacifier - 4.10.13

Kash - 4.10.13

Kash holding Curtis' finger.
And mine.
Julie - 4.10.13
Holding Julie for the first time (one day old).  I couldn't totally hold her until her umbilical arterial line came out.   

Daddy with Julie. 

Kash and Uncle Tyler.

Julie and Aunt Jamie.
I'm so grateful that the babies and Jamie are doing well!  The nursing staff at IMC are wonderful.  We are so incredibly blessed.


Kristen said...

Congratulations! I can't even recall how I came across your blog, but I have loved reading this incredible story. I do remember you from when we lived in the same "married-student ward" briefly for a while in Orem, so I I guess its fair to say I know you a little :) As a NICU nurse and one full of empathy for couples enduring infertility, it is such a joy to read and follow the miracle of these 3 not-so-little ones (4lb triplets is amazing!) Congrats to you and Curtis, and a sincere shout out to Jamie and family! So though I do not know you well, I just wanted to publicly share my congrats, excitement and love anyway :) - Kristen

Shane and Kenzie said...

I have loved falling upon, and reading your stories of strength and blessings. my husband and I also struggled with infertility for 4 years until we were blessed with our son on 12.12.12! My husband is a nurse at IMC, so I'd definitely have to agree that their nursing staff is top notch ;)
Beautiful family!