Friday, May 31, 2013

The Drive Home

On May 13th we set out on the drive home to California.  The drive from Salt Lake to Clovis usually takes about 12 hours, but with three newborns it took us over 16!  My mom and dad followed us out there and stopped each time with us.  We stopped 4 times to feed them, once to change a poopy diaper, and one other time just for gas.  The babies did pretty good the first half, but the last half was another story.  I see why people make the trip over two days.  
Pit stop to feed the babies!  Curtis is in the back seat feeding the other baby.
I had all the bottles prepared in a cooler.  Each stop I'd go in the gas station and fill a tub of hot water to warm the three bottles.  We each took one baby to feed, burp, change, and then put right back in the car seat for another couple hours...and repeat.  The first stop I tried to change Cruz in the front seat on my lap.  He shot poop all down the front seat, then peed everywhere.  No joke.  I was lucky it didn't go down the front of my shirt (and lucky I have leather seats).  Total FAIL!  After that we folded down the back seat and changed them there on a blanket.    
My dad with his slippers on in the gas station.  I thought it was hilarious he was wearing slippers.
We stopped in Tehachapi for dinner.  We decided to dine in and feed the babies in the restaurant.  I wish I would have counted how many heads turned to stare at us.  It was pretty funny.  
My best friend and her sister decorated our house before we got home.  So cute! 
The babies are happy to be in sunny weather (even though they rarely go outside).  :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Footsteps for Fertility Foundation

I told Curtis a few weeks ago that when we become rich I want to pay for someone's IVF cycle.  Infertility is one of the worst things ever.  You never really understand it until you are the one going through it.  I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.  

Footsteps for Fertility Foundation is an amazing foundation.  It "is a charitable organization created to raise awareness surrounding infertility, and provide grants for those who require fertility treatments such as: In Vitro Fertilization, Frozen Embryo Transfer, and Intrauterine Insemination through donations and strategic partnerships with fertility clinics."  They had a 5k race last year that raised over $35,000 which resulted in THREE pregnancies, with a total of FIVE babies on the way. 

One of the Board of Directors contacted me last week to share my story.  You can view it here.  They are planning another 5k August 31st, 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah.   If interested - you can buy tickets off their blog or Facebook page.  Follow their blog at or you can follow them on Facebook at

Saturday, May 25, 2013


The nursery is almost complete.  It's everything I ever dreamed of.  I love being in there.  It's crazy that I am finally a mom.  Like a real life mom.  I love it.  
Here's the room BEFORE:

And here's the room AFTER:
Paint color's are:
Valspar - Polished Silver 4008-1B and
Behr - White 1852
I learned a cool technique off of Pinterest here of how to paint perfect lines.  It worked great!

Canvas prints from Costco.

B for Brown with 3 hearts for my little trio from Heart Strings Attached. 
The crib is the Babyletto Hudson from Babies R Us.  We got a killer deal - $100 off and it came with a free mattress.  When you're buying 3 of everything you look for awesome deals.  :)
The bedding is the Triple Band Crib Set from Oilo Studio.  
 The light is also from Oilo Studio - Double Cylinger Light - Citron.  The owner of Oilo Studio is a friend of a friend.  She was SO generous and gave us an amazing deal on everything.  

 Mommy owl and her 3 babies from Pier One.  They were a gift from my mom for my first Mother's Day.
 The lamp is from Target.  The night stand and dresser are from Costco. 
Most of the frames are from Target and Michaels. 

This piece is from Etsy - Pitter.Patter.Print.  I sent her the baby footprints the hospital does and she made it into art.  I love it.
 I painted this on a plain canvas from  Micheals with the leftover paint used for the walls. 

 Sweet babies.
I originally got the A, B & C just as letters for the nursery - but it worked perfectly for Baby A, B & C.  :)
 We also painted an elephant on a plain canvas.  I saw one online here that I loved for like $60 - way too much - so we decided to just do it ourselves. 
 The first heartbeat Curtis and I ever heard.  Priceless.
I sent the heartbeat ultrasound pic to PublicSecret on Etsy and she cleaned it up for me and made it so I could print it out and frame it.  

 Some of my favorite "maternity" photos. 
 My best friend made me this.  I love it. 

I had my eye on this rocking chair from West Elm.  I loved it, but hated the price ($799).
I found this chair at a discount furniture store for $125.  I really liked it, but it wasn't a rocking chair.  Curtis saw it and said, "Oh, I can make that rock." And he did.  He took the bottom piece off of an old rocking chair and some how screwed it on the bottom of this chair.  It works great! 

My mom made me this cute pillow!

The blankets from Curtis' team at work.  Love them.

Stuffed animals and books from Grandma Cheryl. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Blessings

Baby blessings in my family are a big deal. The whole family tries to make it out for the special event.  I have not missed one yet (14 so far).  I seriously have dreamt about having my own baby blessing for years now.  What would my baby wear, would I bear my testimony (they are usually done on fast Sundays), what would Curtis say, etc.?  I can't believe we got to have our own baby blessing - times THREE - and on Mother's Day of all days.  It was absolutely perfect.  My entire family was there to support us.  Curtis' parents and brother came out as well.  Having our family there meant the WORLD to us.  I was wondering how Curtis would make all 3 blessings unique and not just repeat himself - he did an amazing job!   We blessed the babies in our ward, then drove to California the next morning. 
Julie and her bracelet from Aunt Stephanie.
Jack & Cruz
Curtis, Brooke, Audrey & Kash
Curtis trying to put the burp cloth under Julie's chin. 
Olivia feeding Julie for the first time. 
My mom made all the food for the luncheon.  SO good.
My friend Andrea offered her house for the luncheon (since we already have renters in our town home).  It was perfect.  Thank you soooo much for letting us raid your house!!
Curtis and Esther.  I miss her so much already.
The amazing girls in my family.  I was truly blessed with an amazing mom, sister, and sister-in-laws.
Alex, Julie, and me.
My entire family.
Goofy faces!
Curtis' family (minus his sister).
Taylor, Derek & the trio.
Grandparents x 17
First time grandparents x 3
Uncle Kenny
My sweet family

Aunt Jamie