Saturday, May 18, 2013

Channel 2 News

Channel 2 news came and did a story on our journey.  They aired it on the 10 o'clock news on May 14th.  View here.  The interview took over an hour.  I was wondering how in the world they would edit that all down to a 5 minute story, but they did a great job!
 Cruz, Kash & Julie

 Getting interviewed.

Babies in the spotlight. 

 Jamie and her kids lookin' at the babies.  :) 
I love how much her kids love mine. 


Christine-Chioma said...

They are so cute! Congratulations!

MoJo said...

oh that clip of the three of them nuzzled up together just kills me! love them!!

Kamerin Tangaro said...

I watched the TV segment and have checked your blog for updates recently. I just can't get enough of your inspiration and love. I know you don't know me...but it just amazes me. Congratulations!!