Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Photo Shoot

My friend Lauren - from Perrywinkle Photography - offered to take some newborn and family pictures for us.  We used to play softball together at BYU.  She was actually my host on my recruiting trip to BYU.  She is an AMAZING photographer.  Like seriously amazing.  She took our maternity photos for us as well - view here.  These pictures are priceless.  Thanks you SO much Lauren!

 My sweet family.

Nudey cuties


 Pedicure like mommy.

LOVE this picture.

She made me a mother.  How cool is that?
Kisses for each baby from Esther...


Alisa said...

one of my friends shared your news story on FB and I clicked on the blog link. Mailed in my paperwork to be a surrogate a few months ago, now going through the legal things. Thanks for sharing your story! Congrats!
P.S. nuddie cuties is my favorite :)

Heather said...

I saw your story on a news site and just caught up on your story in blog posts! I'm a fellow NICU mom so I loved reading that your babies are home and healthy!

The Dabo's said...

It seams as though you are missing a picture???

Notes From Nessa said...

My mom lives in Utah and just told me about your incredible story. I live here in Clovis and am formally from Utah. Your little ones are darling! What a miracle! From pictures it looks like we may even live in the same neighborhood. Small world! Congrats again!

RobynC said...

Love your blog. Your babies are so beautiful!

Lauren Perry said...

The Dabo's...would that be the feet pic :) I "accidentally" left that off of the disc ;) (per-request!) Thanks for letting me help document such a special time in both of your lives! Congrats on your beautiful growing family!

New Adventures Await Us... said...

These are beautiful pictures! Makes ya want to sniff their little heads!

Eric(a) said...

I saw your story from the news and I had to catch up through past blog posts. You guys are such amazing and strong people! Those little babies are so lucky to have you for parents. (P.s. Jamie is one amazing lady too!). I'm a fellow NICU mom too (triplets at 24 weeks) and I started to cry when I saw how good your babies are doing! It's tough having three little babies but it is so worth it when they start to smile, laugh, and play together.