Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dr.'s Appointments

It seems like we have been to the Dr. so much already (for nothing serious) just check-ups, shots, circumcisions, circumcision check ups, etc.  Hauling three babies to the Dr. is super fun (kidding).     
 My little chunk - Cruz.  He's the heavy weight now.  He passed up his sister a couple weeks ago. 
 Kash is still the runt by a few ounces. 
 Julie just chillin. 
 Julie waiting with me while Kash gets snipped.  I went in on Cruz's circumcision - worst idea ever.  It seriously is like a torture chamber.  Poor guy!  I couldn't do it again, so my mom went in with Kash.  She came back with tears in her eyes.  I'm SO glad that's over. 

Holding hands. 


Little Beachs said...

I went in with Quinton and cried the entire time.
I bet you have some serious guns now from the car seats!

Andi Bone said...

Why did you get them circumcised if it was like torture? D:

Rachelle Alexander said...

I have been cyber stalking you for a while. Your sister is my friend and I started reading about your journey.

I know what you mean about the circumcision but if you ever have to do it again or know someone who does, I would highly highly suggest going to a rabbi. They do it without all the ceremony and just do the removal of the foreskin for the non-jewish people. It took about 2 minutes total, from undressing, cut and back in the diaper. I had my first 2 done by a rabbi so when I had the 3rd one done by a doctor I did not know what to expect. I was so mad and crying. The little baby body mold is horrible just to look at. It is like torture.