Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Headed to church.
My sumo swaddled babies.
My favorite part of the day.
The NICU gave us a CD of pictures.  I found this one of Kash with his eyes crossed. Hilarious.  :)
The babies LOVE the Baby Bjorn.  I can vacuum, mop, do laundry - and hold a baby at the same time.  Love them! 
Kash wakes up 15 minutes early from his naps and just wants to be held (which I love).  It gives us a little one on one time...
What would it be like to only have two babies??

Kash & Grandma

Kash somehow peed all over grandma and the floor on our walk. 
Haha...  I think she ate her brothers - and maybe even Tyson too. 

Two month check up.  Shots, shots and more shots.  So sad! 
They were so worn out after their immunizations. 
Baby girl got her ears pierced (2 days before her 2 month bday).  I got mine pierced at 10 1/2 months. 

It was so sad too, but I figure it's like a circumcision - she'll thank me later.  :)
She cried for one second and stopped right when I could hold her close to me. 
Projectile vomit all over daddy.  Good times. 
My little peanut Kash. 



The CHUNKY picture of Julie is hilarious! I just want to nibble her face! I can't imagine the pee, poop, and vomit blow outs you get to experience X's 3!
They are getting CUTER every day! Which I thought they already hit the highest Cuteness factor they could....but, they just keep goin!

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Lesley said...

I read about your story that was on the news. So I started following your blog. I love your story and these 3 babies are so cute! It's awesome what your sis in law did for you guys!