Friday, July 26, 2013

3 Month Photos

Finally got the babies 3 month CD of pictures back.  The individuals came out super cute.  We couldn't really get a good group picture.  Maybe at 6 months.  :) 




Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Day In The Life...

I have had a few people ask me what a typical day looks like for us.  It has changed overtime.  We used to feed the babies every 3 hours around the clock, but now I feed them every 3 hours during the day, and let them sleep as long as they want to at night.  They used to sleep a lot more during the day, but now they are up more during the day and sleep better at night.  Alright - here's what a day in the life of Kim looks like. 

8:30 am - Kash wakes up a little earlier than the others.  I hold him for a little while, then make 3 bottles.  I try and brush my teeth before I start feeding babies.  If I don't do it now, it doesn't happen for a while. 

9:00 am - Cruz wakes up next.  My mom and I will feed Kash and Cruz, then I'll feed Julie (I usually have to wake her up).  Sometimes Curtis is still home, so we all get a baby to feed.  Curtis will take Tyson on a walk.

10:00 am - Change 3 diapers and get 3 babies cute and dressed for the day.  I do a load of laundry at this point.  We go through a TON of burp cloths (they are having spit-up issues)!  Eat breakfast (which is usually something fast).  The babies will stay awake for awhile.  I'll swaddle them and put them in their bouncy seat or swing ("play time").  Sometimes they'll just lay on the floor on a blanket and be happy.  They'll fall asleep for a little bit here and there.  At this point I try and get a workout in.  I'm EXHAUSTED, but for some reason I feel like if I workout and get moving I have so much more energy during the day.  Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred is perfect - only 27 minutes.  I usually have to pause it here and there to put a binkie in or rotate a baby from the bouncy to the swing...  If I have time, I'll jump in the shower really quick to rinse off. 
11:30am - Drink a Diet Mountain Dew  :)

12:00 pm - A baby (usually two or all three) are starting to get hungry.  I make 3 bottles and my mom and I will feed two, then I'll feed the last one after.  

1:00pm - Change 3 diapers.  Fold laundry.  Clean up around the house.  Rotate babies from floor, bouncy seat, swing, holding etc.  They usually just hang out on the floor on a blanket.  Sometimes they just want to be held, so I'll rotate between the three babies.  Some days I'll put on my Baby Bjorn and hold a baby while I get stuff done around the house. 

The babies usually chill out and fall asleep in the pack-n-play so I try and take a quick shower. **Sometimes I don't have time to shower.  It depends on what needs to be done.  If my house is a crazy mess, or there is a lot of laundry to do, or the babies are just wanting their mom...that means I don't shower.  If showering is a priority that day (like I'm actually going out in public or people are coming over) then I fit it in.  Getting ready is a bit of a juggling act.  It seems like a workout sometimes.  If a baby is fussing I'll hold them for a little bit or put them in their swing.  They love being on my bed on their tummies.  I can get ready in 30 minutes flat now.  The babies love the sound of my blow dryer.  

3:00 pm - I make 3 bottles and my mom and I will feed Cruz and Kash (usually).  Then I'll feed Julie.  She seems to be the most content on her tummy with a binkie waiting to be fed last.  

4:00pm - Drink another Diet Mountain Dew.  Change 3 diapers.  

4:30pm - I try and leave the house once a day.  It doesn't always happen, but I still try.  I have a gym membership so sometimes I'll go to the gym instead of doing a workout video in the morning.  We bought my mom a membership too, so sometimes she'll go to the gym while I stay home, then I'll go when she gets home (**Let's be honest - I've only been to the gym like 3 times since I've lived here...but it's still an option).  Some days I'll run to Target or get out and go grocery shopping.  On brave days we'll take the babies with us to Target or Costco.  Sometimes my "leaving the house" is just to take Tyson for a walk.  Today we took the babies with us to the mall.  Yesterday I took Julie with me to Kohl's. 
(Yes, I took a picture in the Kohl's bathroom haha...)

6:00pm - I make 3 bottles.  Curtis is home from work, so we all get a baby and feed!  My mom makes dinner.  Without her I don't think we would ever eat a hot meal.  It would be cold cereal every night.  We hang out, eat dinner, clean up, etc.  This is probably the babies most "fussy" time of the day.  I seriously have pretty content babies.  We got super lucky.  At this point of the day they just want a little extra attention or just want to be held.  

7:30pm - We usually strap on our Baby Bjorn's and take a walk around the neighborhood.  The babies LOVE being outside and they LOVE the Baby Bjorn's.  We'll bring Tyson with us too.
8:30pm - Bath time - one at a time.  It's a little like an assembly line.  Wash one baby, put lotion on, diaper, onesies, etc.  Then move on to the next baby...and so on.  :) 
9:00pm - I make 3 bottles.  We all get a baby and feed.  The babies are usually exhausted at this point, so it is SO nice having 3 people!  After they feed and burp it's into the crib they go.  They may stir for a few minutes but pretty much fall asleep on their own.  Sometimes one of the boys will be fussing for a bit so we'll go put a binkie in and they fall asleep.  

3:45am - A boy starts stirring.  Curtis or I will go put a binkie in and pat his back.

4:30am-5:00am - Usually the boys are starting to wake up.  I'll make 3 bottles and unload the dishwasher.  Curtis and I will go feed the boys, then I'll feed Julie afterwards.  I usually have to wake her up to eat.  Afterwards, I'll put the clothes in the dryer so I have clean burp cloths in the morning. 

8:30am - The day starts all over again...

We are SO grateful for my mom and all she does for our new family!  She's with us 90% of the time.  She goes home Wednesday morning/afternoon and comes back Thursday afternoon/night.  I don't know how long that'll last, but we are grateful for every minute she's here.  It's nice she lives only 2 hours away and can come and go as she pleases.  She helps me feed babies all day, get out of the house with me and all the babies in tow, makes dinner, etc.  So helpful!
 I have a great husband who helps out so much.  Seriously.  He gets up with me every night to feed a baby.  He loves his babies so much, but also shows me love and attention.  Such a great daddy! 
We started out using Similac Neosure.
The babies went through a can a day so I would pour 3-4 cans in a bin to make it easier. 

When we switched to Enfamil Enfacare mishaps like this happened all the time.  So annoying!  Babies are now on Enfamil AR, which seems to help with the proectile vomiting.  It still happens, just less frequent. 
This water kettle is the best invention EVER!  It keeps the water temperature at exactly 98 degrees.  Most moms of triplets make all the bottles for the day in advance, but then you have to warm them up in hot water prior to each feeding.  I just pour the water into the 3 bottles, scoop the formula in, shake the bottles, and they're ready to go.  There's no guessing on the temperature (too hot, too cold?).  This is a MUST have if you are bottle feeding multiples, or even just one baby.  
I use Dr. Brown's bottles.  I know - they have so many parts, but I just rinse the 3 bottles out after each feeding and throw them right in the dishwasher.  After I run out of bottles I run the dishwasher and now have 12 clean/sanitized bottles ready for the next 4 feedings.  Super easy.  

 I used this sling when the babies were newborns, but now they like the Baby Bjorn's a lot better.  I love them!  It allows me to make bottles with two hands, fold laundry, do dishes, and soothe a fussy baby at the same time. 
We LOVE our stroller.  Another must have with triplets!  I love how the car seats just snap in and you're ready to go.  Our babies don't always love their carseats, so we bring along the Baby Bjorn's.  If a baby starts fussing we just throw them in the Baby Bjorn and still have two hands free to push the stroller (or continue shopping at Costco). 

These babies sure keep us busy...and we LOVE it!  Each day is different, but we keep to a similar routine.  We find time to get things done.  Especially important things like painting Julie's toenails haha...  Our lives have forever changed with these 3 little miracles. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Few Of My Favorites

::Families Are Forever::
June 14th, 2013