Monday, August 19, 2013

Julie's First Flight

My sister's twin boys - Steven & Luke - turned 8 a couple weeks ago.  They planned to get baptized August 17th.  I want to try and be at every niece/nephew's baptism, so I planned a trip to Utah with Julie.  Curtis and his dad stayed home with the boys.  No one knew I was coming.  I was SO excited to surprise everyone.  My cousin was getting married the 16th in Utah - so it was even more perfect.  Then I randomly get a text from Jamie saying that she wanted to plan a trip to CA.  She asked - "You're not coming to Utah anytime soon right?!"  Are you kidding me????  I didn't text her back for a few hours.  Do I tell her and ruin the surprise?  I didn't want her to spend all the money to come to CA since I was coming out to UT, so I had to tell her.  What a turd!  But she kept it a secret from everyone else. 
Julie did so good on the flight to Utah.  I had to wake her up at 4:30am to catch our flight.  I was so worried she was going to be THAT baby who cries the entire flight.  She was fussing prior to take off, then fell asleep on me.  She woke up halfway through the flight and ate a couple ounces, then fell back asleep.  What a trooper!   
I left Julie on the porch in her carseat, rang the doorbell, and hid.  Olivia and Drew answered the door and were like, "What the heck?........Kimmy?!?!?!"  It was so cute.  They were so excited to see us. 
Drew was smitten by her. 

 All the adults were at my cousin's wedding.  They met for lunch at Cheesecake Factory afterwards - so I snuck in and surprised everyone else.  My sister started crying.  She was shocked!  It was awesome. 
Too cute.

 Poor thing was EXHAUSTED.  She took a quick catnap at Cheesecake Factory. 
Julie's cousins were thrilled to see her! 
 We went to my cousin Nick's wedding reception that night.  My little cheese ball was as happy as can be.  
 ALL of my mom's siblings were there.  Cool pic. 
 I asked Olivia what she wanted to be when she grows up and she said a mom.  So dang cute.  She's going to be such a great mommy - just like her own mom. 

 Playing peek-a-boo. 

 Giving kisses. 
 My little thumb sucker!  That thumb was a lifesaver this weekend!

Steven & Luke's baptism was so great.  I love those boys!

 Yummy leg rolls.

 All the baby girls had pink toes!  (Esther, Lia, and Julie)
 The thimble game was a hit!  They LOVED splashing each other with water! 

 Flying sky high!

 Kyle's face kills me. 

Esther & Lia

 Pushing baby Julie in Esther's stroller. 

I was dreading the flight home!  It was right at Julie's bedtime.  She was fussy before the flight and just wanted to go to bed.  I could see EVERYONE'S eyes looking at me like - crap, I have to be on the flight with that baby! 
She fussed for like 2 minutes on the plane.  I fed her on the way up in the air then laid her down on the floor.  She slept the entire way!  What a champ. 
I had to hold her on our way down to Fresno.  She fell right back to sleep on my lap.  Best travel partner ever!  
I missed my boys SO much.  Curtis kept sending me videos and pictures over the weekend.  I didn't think it would be as hard as it was to leave them.  I seriously had anxiety.  And that is totally not like me.  I knew Curtis and his dad could handle the boys, but I just didn't want to leave them.
They missed me just as much as I missed them.  It was such a perfect weekend and was SO good seeing all my family, but it also was SO good to be home.  

Thursday, August 15, 2013

7 Years

7 years.  Dang.  That means we are getting old.  We got a babysitter (and my mom stayed home with the babies) and we went to dinner and a movie.  It was a perfect first anniversary with kids.  :) 

 I was craving Ihop, so we went there.  The harvest grain pancakes and the best.
 Treats for the movie. 
 We saw the Way Way Back.  It was kind of slow, but pretty good. 
 And of course...Burger King ice cream on the way home.  Mmmm...
 BEAUTIFUL flowers from hubby.

This guy cracks me up.  Daily.  I love him more now then ever before.  He's such a great daddy and an even better husband.  So grateful him in my life and all he does for our family.