Saturday, August 10, 2013

4 Months

FOUR months.  I can't believe our babies are 4 months old.  It really does go by so fast. All three are smiling SO much now.  Anytime you look their way or talk to them, you get the sweetest smile.  I LOVE it!  Julie talks like crazy.  She makes us laugh all the time with her semi-screams/talking.  She definitely likes attention.  The boys have started this babbling/blowing bubble thing.  I love seeing them develop and learn new things. 

The babies have started sleeping longer.  We feed them at 9pm and then put them in their cribs.  They put themselves to sleep and sleep until around 6:30am (they have slept past 7am a few times), then they eat and go right back to bed and sleep until around 9:45-10am.  It's amazing.  They still eat about 4.5 oz every 3 hours during the day then a 5.5 oz bottle before bed.  The boys are getting a little better with the whole projectile vomiting thing.  It still happens a couple times a week.  Julie never does the projectile vomiting, but she spits up continuously.  The Dr. says it's normal (especially for premies) and they should grow out of it by 6 months.  

The babies are catching up to "normal" weight/height for a 4 month old.  Cruz is above the 50th percentile for height and just below 50th percentile in weight.  Julie is still our little petite squishy girl and is over a pound smaller than Cruz.  They are all healthy and strong and hitting their milestones right on track.  Julie started rolling over from tummy to back on July 20th.  The boys both rolled over on August 8th (they must be identical).  Cruz rolled over 4 hours before Kash.  We are so in love with them. 

Weight - 14 lb 4 oz 
Height - 25 in
Clothes - 0-3 and almost 3-6 month
Diapers - Size 2
Cruz loves to cuddle.  The boys are a lot more cuddly than Julie.  You can pick them up any time and they just lay on you.  Julie is more squirmy. Cruz still doesn't love his carseat, but he's getting better on short distances.  Anything longer than an hour is too much for him and he just wants OUT!  He doesn't really like the bouncy seat or swing.  He likes to just lay on his back and look at the ceiling fan and kick and play.  He also LOVES to be held.  When he gets fussy he just wants to flip on his belly and take a nap.  He's finding his voice and talking/babbling a lot more.  He also found his hand and gnaws away. 

Weight - 13 lb 12 oz
Height - 24.75 in
Clothes -  0-3 and almost 3-6 month
Diapers - Size 2
Kash is such a content baby.  He likes the bouncy seat and loves the swing.  He's the best in the car and can handle a longer drive.  He's starting to babble and blow bubbles.  He found his fist and gnaws on his hand.  He's cuddly like Cruz and loves to be held.  They all still love their Baby Bjorns and going for walks.  

Weight - 13 lb
Height - 23 in
Clothes - 0-3 month
Diapers - Size 2
Miss Julie is a little diva.  She talks and screams when you talk to her (or even sometimes when you don't).  She smiles all day.  She likes her bouncy seat and the swing.  She still doesn't like her carseat, but is getting a little better.  She found her thumb when she was a few days old, but never really sucked it.  Well, now she sucks her thumb every time she lays down or when she's in her swing.   It is the cutest thing.  She likes to be held out and look around.  She also loves being outside and going for walks. 


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Kelly Pack said...

They are just beautiful. I'm so glad all 3 are sleeping so good. I sorta think the boys look like Mom and Julie looks like a pretty version of Dad. xoxo