Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend in Palmdale

Curtis' sister Stephanie has been dying to meet our babies.  She took Friday off work and flew out to CA to visit.  We decided to drive up to Palmdale and meet her there so some of Curtis' Aunts and cousins could come meet the babies too.  It was such a great weekend!  
(Picture overload ahead)

 Cruz LOVES being held.
 Nap time
 Aunt JoAnn and Aunt Eleanor

 Cruz & Auntie Stephanie
 This little stink found her thumb!  :)  So cute. 
She would even put her thumb in the binkie hole and suck both.
 Tia and Cruz

 Happy Cruz
 Kash smiling
 Curtis' Aunts brought TONS of food to celebrate.  My brother Mitch and his family came over for dinner too.  Jill made the best cinnamon rolls! 
 Audrey giving Cruz kisses... 
 ...and hugs!
 The kids LOVED the pool.
 Audrey's soggy diaper  :)
 So dang cute.
 Story of our lives  :)
 Jill & Audrey
 Kash and Aunt Eleanor
 Aunt Lisa & Kash
 Stephanie was SO in love!  :)

 Granny couldn't get enough of the babies too.

 I could tell Brandon is the best big brother.  He did SO good with the babies.

 Grandpa with all 3.

 Stephanie's boyfriend Rodney came out with her to visit the babies.  We all definitely approve!  He was so great.  

 Hot pink toes.
 I love this picture.
 Brandon & Kash
 Curtis' friend Erick and his family came over to see the babies. 
 They have the cutest, most well-behaved kids around.
 I think Julie stole Brandon's heart.  
 Cutest picture.  Cruz was all smiles for his Auntie.
 Sunday we had dinner with Mitch & Jill, then headed back to Clovis.  Dinner was great...the drive back to Clovis not so much.  Cruz and Julie still HATE their carseats, which makes traveling not fun. At all.
Even though traveling sucks, the weekend was definitely worth it.  You could feel the love everyone had for us and these sweet miracle babies.  It was a perfect little weekend.  The babies already miss their Auntie Stephanie so much.     

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