Sunday, September 22, 2013


I LIVE by a schedule.  I love routine.  I'm not OCD or anything, but I love routines.  When I shower, I do the same thing, in the same order every time.  Weird?  I think most people do that, but maybe I'm wrong.  When I played volleyball I did the same thing before every serve (bounce the ball 7 times, then spin it up to my hand, and bam).  I feel like the babies love a schedule too.  At first Curtis fought me on how strict of a schedule I keep, but now he gets it.  It has created happy babies who sleep really well!  I think if I only had one baby I would be a little more lenient in a schedule, but with triplets it's easier just to stick with it. 

The babies have become more predictable lately, which I love.  Even their poops have become like clockwork.  It makes things a lot easier.  It still gets crazy at times, but manageable.  They eat, play for an hour, then go back down for a nap.  Eat, play for an hour, then go back down for a nap.  And repeat.  They drink five bottles a day and take three naps.  The only "hard" time is from 6:30pm-8:00pm.  It's SO nice to have Curtis home and help out during that time.  After the 5:00pm feeding they pretty much stay up until bedtime.  Occasionally they will take a quick catnap, but it's never longer than 15 minutes.  I feel like I'm getting the hang of this triplet thing.  Some days are harder than others, but overall I feel like it's getting easier.  The babies are such happy babies and bring such joy to our lives.  We are so in love with them.
Cruz & Julie
 Bumbo time.
One of my favorite pictures. #iwatchESPNwithmydaddy

Cutest little stink.
First Nike's.

BYU vs Utah.  We all know how that one ended.  Lame.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

5 Months

I can't believe another month has flown by.  5 months!!  All the babies are growing, eating, and sleeping so great!  Julie still spits up a lot, but it's all good.  Hopefully it'll get better by 6 months (fingers crossed).  The boys no longer do the whole projectile vomiting - which is SO nice!!  It's been about 2 weeks since their last episode, so I think we are out of the clear now.  They are all within the 45-55th percentile now, so catching up to "normal" 5 month old babies.  No more premies over here!!

Babies have been sleeping 12 hours for the past month.  They go down at 8:15pm and wake up at about 8:15am.  They drink a bottle and go back down until 11:15am.  I don't know how long that'll last, but for now it's amazing!!  It gives me tons of time to fold laundry, clean up around the house, empty the dishwasher, do a workout video, and take a shower (sometimes)!!  The morning is definitely my favorite time of day.  The babies wake up SO happy.  The moment they see me a huge smile goes across their face.  Cruz still wakes up once or twice during the night.  He'll roll over and talk and coo for a while, then start crying and want to be back on his tummy.  So I'll have to go upstairs and flip him over and he goes right back to sleep.  Kash will roll over occasionally, but he doesn't mind being on his back so he'll just go back to sleep.  Julie is the best sleeper ever.  I usually have to wake her up to eat after we feed the boys in the morning. 

It's crazy how much alike the boys are and how different Julie is.  The boys are cuddly, Julie's more stiff.  The boys roll over and wake themselves up at night, Julie sleeps all night.  Julie sucks her thumb, the boys don't.  Julie is squishy, the boys are solid.  When the boys are crying they want to be held, Julie just wants to lay in her tummy and suck her thumb.  I love seeing their little personalities come out and learn new things.  Someone asked me if it's hard to love all three.  NOT. AT. ALL.  I can't imagine my life without each one.  Being a mom is amazing! 

Weight - 16 lb
Height - 25.5 in
Clothes - 3-6 month
Diapers - Size 2-3
Cruz is a happy boy.  He's giving Julie a run for her money on who smiles more.  He loves to talk/babble and spit.  He has started laughing out loud.  He continually chews on his hand and drools a ton.  He loves his new exersaucer!   He still LOVES the Baby Bjorn and taking walks at night.  He's getting better in his carseat.  Anything over an hour and he wants OUT, but short distances are ok.  I love when he drinks his bottle and reaches back to hold my thumb.  My favorite thing! 

Weight - 15 lb 12 oz
Height - 25.75 in
Clothes - 3-6 month
Diapers - Size 2-3
Kash is still the most content baby.  He doesn't mind being in his carseat.  He can handle the two hour drive to Hollister without a peep.  He still likes his bouncy seat and loves his new exersaucer.  He talks/babbles and spits just like Cruz.  He started laughing out loud, especially when I play peek-a-boo with him.  He still loves the Baby Bjorn and going for walks.  Any time I smile at him he gives me the biggest smile back.  He has started this growling thing which always makes us laugh.  He started sucking his fingers (doesn't matter which one) and drools a ton.  He LOVES the corner of his bed.  He'll creep and crawl until he reaches the corner, then starts sucking his fingers and falls asleep. 

Kash in the corner. 

Weight - 15 lb 2 oz
Height - 25 in
Clothes - 0-3 month and almost 3-6 month
Diapers - Size 2-3
Julie is still our little diva.  She has the biggest smile which melts everyone's heart.  When she wakes up from a nap her eyes will be half way open - still adjusting to the light - and she'll already have a huge smile on her face.  She talks/babbles and screams even when no one is talking to her.  She has the yummiest leg rolls ever.  She is so squishy and we love it.  I could nibble on her all day.  She still spits up a ton, so she is constantly in new onesies.  I drench her in baby powder to hide the smell of spit -up until she can get a bath.  Her toenails are always painted the same as mine.  She'll sit in her bouncy seat and let me paint them any time I want.  She likes the exersaucer, but prefers her bouncy seat.  She's getting better in her carseat and can handle about an hour drive until she wants out.  She still LOVES her thumb (either one) and will occasionally suck both of them at the same time.  

Sucking both thumbs. 
Double yum. 


Monday, September 2, 2013

Denmark - What?

Curtis' company had a incentive - if their drug hit a billion dollars in sales, they would send the sales force to Denmark. hit the mark so he flew to Denmark for 7 days.  Boy did we miss him!  I decided to head up to my parents house for the week while he was out of town.  Here's a photo overload of our week without daddy.

 I heard Cruz talking in his pack-n-play and go in to find this.  He was all smiles laying in his own pile of spit-up.  So gross.
My best friend Trisha and I took the boys up to San Jose for a little shopping.   We left Julie at home with Grandma since she still hates her carseat.
Bottle feeding in public.  That's how we roll.

 They always fall asleep in the Baby Bjorn.  I'm SO glad they love it in there.
 They wake up so happy.  Thanks Aunt Jamie for the cute new outfits!
 Kash just chillin' with mommy.
 We stopped by Trisha's work to say hi.
 I think it's SO cool that my babies get to meet their great-grandma.  She's 93 years old and still so strong and independent.  Baba loves that the babies were born on her birthday - April 9th.  :)
 It's truly crazy how much I love these three.  I had to send this picture to daddy to make him miss us even more.
Summer & Kash
 We went down to the Farmer's Market, then stopped by Trisha's work again.
 We stopped by Jenna's house to see her, the boys, and Aunt Jane.
 Kisses from Mateo.
Jenna's boys are SO loving!  They'd come up to each baby and give them hugs and kisses.  It was the sweetest thing.
 My best friend Jen delivered her perfect baby boy - Tyler Lee Grimsley - 9lbs 13oz, 21.5in.  What perfect timing right??  I was so glad he decided to come while I was in town!  He was a week early and still HUGE! perfect!  Jen is such a great mom.  We now both have two boys and one girl!
 My sweet little thumb sucker.  She's obsessed with her thumb now.  She rotates between her left and right thumb.  Don't babies usually stick with one?  Well, she sucks both.
Curtis got home from Denmark Friday night.  My brother Mitch and his family came up to Clovis the next day for Labor Day weekend.  It was so great hanging out with his sweet family.  We went swimming, played at the park, went for walks, etc.  So fun.  I'm so glad they only live 3 hours away.
A week without daddy was definitely hard, but we survived.  There really was only one night that was terrible, but other than that it went pretty smooth.  We are so glad he is home safe and sound!