Wednesday, October 16, 2013

6 Months

Half a year, 6 months, 183 days old!!  Are you kidding me??  I can't believe my sweet babies are 6 months already! So crazy.  I feel like my babies have changed so much this past month.  They LOVE to grab and put everything in their mouths.  They reach for toys and the boys have fallen in love with Sophie the Giraffe.  They all drool a ton, but no teeth yet.  They still sleep 8pm-8am with 3 naps a day. 

A lot of people have asked me what the hardest stage so far has been of having triplets.  Every stage seems to have it's joys and difficulties.  The newborn stage is hard because of the lack of sleep, but amazing because I had 3 babies at home!!  I loved just laying there and soaking up each and every baby.  I seriously feel like I was on a high for the first couple months and then one day I was REALLY tired.  I look back now and don't know how we did it.  You just do.  At 3-4 months the sleep gets better, but feeding was hard.  My babies spit up a TON and took a while to eat their bottles so feeding all 3 by myself was quite a task.  At 5-6 months bottle feeding gets a lot easier.  My babies down the bottle quick (still spit up, but not as bad), but they seem a little less content.  They get bored with the bouncy seat or accidentally drop a toy and start fussing.  On one hand I can't wait for them to start crawling and be able to get a different toy or entertain themselves, but I know crawling will bring on it's own new challenges. They had a week or two when they were more needy and seemed to fuss more.  I don't know if they were teething, sick, or just wanted to be held more for no apparent reason.  They are all back to their happy/smiley selves.  I love how much they interact with me now.  They all laugh and smile SO much.  They'll be crying in their crib and I'll walk in the room and they just look up and smile.  Little stinkers.  They are so dang cute I can't even handle it.  They haven't really started interacting with each other yet.  They will grab at each other and hold hands, but don't seem to notice there is actually another baby around.   

Weight - 17 lb 8 oz
Height - 27.25 in
Clothes - 6 month
Diaper - Size 3
Cruz has started this thing where he arches his back, gets this HUGE smile, and laughs out loud.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It's the cutest thing!  He also arches his back so he can look behind himself.  He never wants to miss out on anything.  He still occasionally likes his binkie, but it seems to be fading away.  He has started sucking on his fingers.  Cruz loves his exersaucer and his Sophie.  He drools a ton and gnaws on everything in site.  I predict he'll be the first to get teeth.  He got his first runny nose, which quickly passed to Kash and Julie.  He's getting better in his carseat, but still wants out after about an hour.  He loves to pull my hair while he drinks his bottle or grab onto my shirt.  Cruz is such a happy boy and always smiles even when you aren't talking to him.  

Weight - 17 lb 1 oz
Height - 26.75 in
Clothes - 6 month
Diaper - Size 3
Kash has become a little more needy this past month.  He loves to be held and talked to.  He is still the best in his carseat and never makes a peep.  He doesn't really like his binkie anymore now that he has found his ring finger.  Who sucks their ring finger?  Oh yea, Kash does.  And I love it.  Kash and Cruz love to kick, kick, kick their legs like they are riding a bike.  Kash loves his exersaucer (we went and bought another one since the boys love it so much).  I definitely don't think you need three of EVERYTHING with triplets, but another exersaucer has been a great investment.  Kash loves his Sophie and his football.  He still drools a ton and gnaws on everything he gets his hands on.  He is just the sweetest kid. 

Weight - 17 lb 1 oz
Height - 26 in
Clothes - 3-6 month and 6 month
Diaper - Size 3
Julie has turned into the happiest little girl this past month.  She's always been happy and smiley, but now she is really content.  She is in love with her thumb, which I think has contributed to how content she is.  She talks and screams all day.  Sometimes she'll scream so loud she scares her brothers and they start to cry.  She has started rolling over more in the middle of the night and talks/screams until we go up there and turn her over.  She just learned to roll over from her back to tummy (10/14), so hopefully she can turn over on her own now.  Julie always wakes up so happy.  I love the tired, half-way open eyes, huge smiley face I get every morning.  She is getting better in her carseat and usually stays happy the whole 2 hour drive to Hollister.  Her leg rolls are accumulating and I can't stand how yummy they are.  


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Notes From Nessa said...

I can't believe they are six months old!!!! They are so adorable. It just gets more fun! When we get back, we need to go to a pumpkin patch together!