Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Break

My sister decided to drive from Utah to California with 6 kids - BY HERSELF!  She's a rockstar.  We were SO excited to see them!  
Waiting to see their cousins...
 The first thing Steven did when he got to my house was jump in the babies exersaucer hahaha.  He's 8.    And huge.  It was hilarious!  
Kyle & Jack wanted a turn. 
Kyle & Kash
Baby A's and Baby B's
 Raosting marshmallows in my backyard.  So yummy. 
 My favorite smile.  :) 
 My bestie and my 2 hams.  Such happy little stinkers. 
 My sister threw a skirt party at my house and then at my mom's house.  Honey & Lace has the cutest maxi skirts, pencil skirts, and leggings!  
We brought the babies down to Tip-n-Toe and all the girls got pedicures!  :)  

 Cruz fell asleep during the chair massage.  I treasured every second.  The babies love their cribs and put themselves to sleep - which is awesome - but I still LOVE these moments.  

 Lia loved dipping her feet in the warm water. 

They just wanted to hold babies all day  :) 

 Luke making Julie laugh.  Sweetest thing ever. 

The second Lia sees a baby she asks, "Where's Julie baby?"  I think she may have a favorite.  :)  
Look at that bum!!  It doesn't get cuter than that! 
On Saturday night Tyson was moaning in pain.  It was so sad!  I didn't know what was wrong.  His tail was curled between his legs, he couldn't sit down, and took forever to lay down.  He couldn't get comfortable and would just yelp in pain.  A trip to the ER at 1:00am and $200 bucks later we found out he has limber tail syndrome or swimmer's tail.  The base of his tail was injured from wagging his tail too much.  Are you kidding me??  He sprained his tail from playing with the kids in the backyard too much.  He loves to play fetch - all day everyday.  When the kids were on the trampoline he would jump up and put a ball on the tramp, then the kids would throw it off for him to fetch and bring back - over and over and over and over again.   After 3 days of nonstop play - he sprained his tail.  Poor thing!  
He got a shot of painkillers that night that knocked him out.  He was a lot better the next day, but still hurting.  They say it can take 7-10 days to heal.  

Miss Snow White. 



My little thumb sucker. 

BYU fans.
We miss them sooooo much already!  It was the perfect weekend.  


Little Beachs said...

looks like its aways a good time at your house! I love seeing them grow!
and that commercial with Will F. and the white horse is to die for!

Love the costumes!!

The Dabo's said...

Aw looked like so much fun! Love them in their costumes too!!!! So cute.

Raychel said...

Is your sister telares to Brian kehl