Monday, November 11, 2013

7 Months

Wow, another month down.  7 months old.  They are getting so fun.  They smile, laugh and interact so much now.  They still love their exersaucers and are starting to really love toys.  Their favorites right now are their Sophie, football, and little Nuby teething rings.  They also love anything that makes noise.  They are enthralled with the crinkling noise the bag of wipes makes when they get their little hands on it.  They have developed a liking for my hair.  It seems like every time I am holding or feeding them they grab and pull my hair with their clammy little hands (especially the boys).  

Ever since the time change, we have started putting them to bed at 7pm and they wake up about 7:15am.  They still take 3 naps a day and drink 5 bottles.  I'm hoping to transition to 2 longer naps soon and only 4 bottles and more baby food, but they aren't quite ready for that yet.  I started introducing baby food last month and they are getting better at eating.  They used to just spit it out, or let it sit in their mouths not knowing what to do with it.  Now they actually open their mouths for bites (most of the time) and swallow it.  They love all fruits, squash, and sweet potatoes. They detest peas and carrots.  

They all LOVE being in the stroller and going for walks.  If there is ever a time where they are really fussy/needy, I strap them in the stroller and walk around our neighborhood and they don't make a peep.  It's my saving grace.  I don't know what I would do without my stroller.  It's worth every penny!  I have also started venturing out on my own since my mom no longer comes over consistently to help me.  Since they love being in the stroller so much, I can get out of the house and go to Target or Costco and just walk around.  Not much shopping happens (since I can't really push a stroller and a cart at the same time), but at least I know I can get out of the house on my own.  The babies are happy getting out and it also brings me some sanity.  I've never been much of a home body, so I am loving the new independence!
Weight - 18 lb 11 oz
Clothes - 6-9 months and 9 months
Diapers - Size 3 
Cruz is my little cuddle bug, especially when he's tired.  I love when he just rests his head on my shoulder and holds onto my shirt.  He's gotten a little more demanding lately and doesn't like to wait to be fed.  He hasn't figured out how to roll from back to tummy yet, which is surprising because he seems like the strongest out of the three.  Cruz loves being in his exersaucer and to jump around.  The binkie is pretty much done now.  I forget to bring it places and he doesn't get it at night anymore.  He is still as smiley as ever and loves to be talked to.  He laughs out loud when we lift him in the air or play peek-a -boo with him.  Cruz is the first to get teeth!  His bottom two are coming in.  He also found his tongue and sticks it in and out like a lizard.  I love it. 

Weight - 18 lb 12 oz
Clothes - 6-9 months and 9 months
Diapers - Size 3 
Kash is Mr Laughable.  His giggle is to die for.  He laughs when I play peek-a-boo with him, make funny noises, throw him in the air, or even just talk to him.  Oh it's the cutest thing.  He still sucks his ring finger at night or when he's tired.  He's over the binkie now.  He loves being in the exersaucer or just on the floor with some toys near by.  He loves to grab anything in sight - which occasionally is Julie's hair.  Poor thing.  Kash is still pretty easy going and the best in his carseat.  Kash and Cruz both get up on their knees like they are trying to crawl.  I swear they are going to crawl before they can even sit up.  Crazy kids.  Kash learned how to roll from back to belly so he's all over the place now.  He is such a joy. 

Weight - 18 lb 4 oz
Clothes - 6 months, 6-9 months and some 9 months
Diapers - Size 3 
Julie is still as happy as can be.  She is by far the easiest baby right now.  They go through their own phases.  The first thee months she was definitely the hardest.  Kash used to be the easiest, but Julie passed him up.  She's patient and can wait to be fed, which usually results in her being fed last every feeding.  She still sucks her thumb and is obsessed with having a blanket near by.  She pulls it close to her face and sucks her thumb.  It's oh so cute.  She loves to be held and look around, but she is also very content laying on the floor with a toy or even just a blanket.  She can roll around to get what she wants.  Julie loves to feel everything.  She's going to be one that loves the tags on blankets or anything silky smooth.  She is so much more dainty than the boys.  I love her squishiness and luscious leg rolls.   Yum. 


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