Friday, November 22, 2013

Run With The Bulls

Curtis' company had a competition to see who could increase their sales the most over the past 6 months.  The winners got the opportunity to run around a warehouse for two minutes and get anything they wanted.  Well, Curtis ended up winning!  It was crazy.  His company flew us to Minnesota (where the warehouse was) for two days.  We stayed at the W hotel downtown.  It was SO nice.  We were completely spoiled all weekend.    
 When we showed up to the warehouse they had cheerleaders outside.  Everyone was cheering and clapping.  It was cool for Curtis to be recognized and they all seemed so proud of the winners. 
 The warehouse reminded me of Costco but like half the size.  They had over 3,000 different items to choose from.  A lot of electronics, kitchen stuff, Coach purses, etc.  They gave us 10 minutes to walk around and stake out the items that we were interested in.    

 Two people got to run around the warehouse at a time.  

 Curtis cleaned up!  It was so exciting/crazy.  You got a cart to push around and fill up.  If your cart was full, they'd give you another cart.  Curtis ended up using 3 carts.  If items fell off your cart, they still counted them as yours, so Curtis was just throwing things on his cart and didn't even care if they were all falling off haha..  It was so funny to watch.  After he went they made a new rule that you had to at least attempt to keep the items on your cart.  :)  They also had staff members help you out and point out different hot pick items.  This girl asked Curtis what he had his eye on prior to running.  He said he wanted the 50 inch TV, camera, DVD player for his car, etc.  She helped point out all the things he was looking for.  He would have forgot about the DVD player if it wasn't for her pointing it out as he passed it by.  
 He was SO winded after the two minutes were up. 
 That night his company let us go anywhere we wanted for dinner.  We ended up going to this place called Coyote Ranch at the Mall of America.  Super yummy!   It was such a great weekend.  One of a kind for sure.  I'm so grateful that my mom and dad could come watch our babies for us.  I wouldn't have been able to leave without knowing they were in good hands.  I missed them like crazy, but it was a great getaway for Curtis and me. 
We also had two of the BEST babysitters come help out Saturday night.  They sure love our babies.  Too cute! 



HOLY AWESOME!! What could be better than a FREE 2 minute shopping spree! That is AMAZING! GOOD JOB, CURTIS!!

Heather said...

OMG!!!! It's like SHOP till you DROP! This is amazing. You guys deserve it. Congrats Curtis on all your hard work!

Kristin Moore said...

How did you guys get that all home??! So fun...what a great company to work for! Are they hiring? Hehe!