Tuesday, December 24, 2013

8 Months

Our babies are just getting cuter and cuter.  Their little personalities are coming out more and we love it.     They all laugh and smile all day.  They seem to be the happiest babies.  How did we get so lucky?   They are starting to eat baby food a lot better.  They love all fruits, squash, sweet potatoes…pretty much anything except peas.  

They had their first encounter with sickness over Thanksgiving weekend.  It was the saddest thing.  Projectile vomiting, explosive diarrhea, blowouts, outfit change after outfit change, etc.  It was horrible. Poor things. 

Clothes - 9 month
Diapers - Size 3
Cruz is just the happiest baby.  Once you make eye contact with him he gets the biggest smile across his face.  He lights up when he sees my camera.  The second I pull it out he puts on a show and smiles for days.  It's the cutest thing.  He still loves his ring finger on his left hand.  I can't believe both boys suck their ring fingers.  Too funny.  When he gets tired he becomes the most cuddly baby.  He loves to just lay on my shoulder and suck his finger.  Cruz finally figured out how to roll from back to belly and now rolls all over the pace.  

Clothes - 9 month
Diapers - Size 3
Mr. Kash is such a sweetheart.  Both boys hate loud noises.  If Tyson barks or Julie starts screaming, they both start crying.  They seem so tender.  He still loves his ring finger on his right hand.  His laugh is to die for.  He has the sweetest little giggle.  Kash now has his two bottom teeth - first came his right, then his left.     

Clothes - 9 month
Diapers - Size 3
Julie is a pretty easy going baby.  She still loves her thumb and to have a blanket nearby.  She is starting to laugh a lot more.  She is so curious and grabs anything in sight.  She is so content and loves to just lay on the floor and roll around.  She can get almost anything she wants by just rolling to get it.  Julie's leg rolls are growing for days.  We love her squishiness.  


And the hair pulling begins…

The boys and their ring fingers.  :)

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