Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year's in Hollister

We decided to spend New Year's in Hollister this year.  My brother Mitch and his family came up for the weekend as well.  They announced they were expecting baby #5 on July 22nd.  I was SO excited!! I couldn't believe we were a week apart!  The next day we announced we were expecting baby #4.  They were absolutely shocked and thrilled for us.  How fun!!  The last cousins will be so close together.  I always loved having cousins close in age to me.  
 Gnawing on carrots..

 Cruz's new stank face with his buck teeth.  It's hilarious. 
Julie's yummy fat rolls. 
New jammies are the best!
New Year's Eve we went out to dinner with Mitch and Jill.  My mom stayed home with the SEVEN kids.  She's a rockstar.  We had such a great time at Outback eating thousands of calories.  :)  Perfect way to bring in the new year!
My trio with my best friend Jen's youngest boy Tyler.  He's 5 months younger and weighs the same as them haha…  Little chunk.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

9 Months

9 months…dang!  This last month FLEW by.  We made a trip to Utah, Christmas in Palmdale, New Year's in Hollister, so much traveling!  Babies got sick again while in Utah - this time with fever, runny nose, cough.  NOT fun!!  They were so needy and only wanted to be held all day.  I'm so glad to have healthy/happy babies again and to finally be home and back to our routine. 

Our babies are MOBLIE!!!  Cruz started crawling first (Dec 19), then Kash (Dec 30), and Julie can army crawl (Jan 2).  We have a big baby gate that keeps them in the family room - such a lifesaver!  They still get into everything and find things to put in their mouth that they should't, but it keeps the mess in one area.  I love seeing them learn new things.  The first crawl was so exciting, and I get to experience that times THREE.  So cool.  Crawling has it's pros and cons.  It's so nice that they can get to any toy they want now and it seems to make them happier.  It's obviously harder when we go to other people's houses - trying to keep them out of stuff - but we figure it out.  

They interact a lot more.  A few days ago Julie was in the exersaucer and Cruz crawled up to it.  He got on his knees and started laughing.  She laughed back at him.  It went back and forth for a minute.  Seriously…the CUTEST thing I've ever seen.  I tried to get it on tape but was too late.

Our babies still love being in their stroller and being out and about.  We take a trip out everyday to Target, Vons, the mall, around the neighborhood, etc.  and they never make a peep.  I can either be home and hear fussing, or load them all in the car and go somewhere and have happy babies.  I choose the latter.  :)

The babies drink 4 bottles a day and eat food morning and night.  They pretty much like all foods.  I try to keep a variety on hand and they eat whatever I give them.  They have started taking 2 naps a day from 9am-10:45 or 11am and then again from 1pm-about 3 or 3:30pm.  If they wake up early from the second nap then they might go down for a third catnap.  

They have all started paying attention to the TV more.  I can put on a Baby Einstein during a feeding - which is a LIFESAVER!  I can feed one and the other two will stay happy watching a show (for the most part).  It doesn't always work out perfectly, but at least it usually helps.   

Weight - 20 lb 8 oz
Height - 29 in
Clothes - 9-12 months and 12 months
Diapers - Size 3 transitioning to Size 4
Cruz is still my little cuddler.  It's my favorite thing.  He'll just lay on me and suck his ring finger.  I don't know how much longer it'll last, but I'm savoring every second.  He now has FIVE teeth - three on top and two on the bottom!!  I haven't really noticed a major increase in fussiness or anything yet with teething.  I mean, sometimes he's fussy, but it seems to be around nap time more than anything.  Sometimes people blame too much on teething.  He used to fuss (like two months before he got any teeth) and my mom would say, "Oh he must be teething."  I'm like, "No, he's just being fussy."  I can tell they do hurt him at times, when they are red and swollen, but for the most part he's still happy as can be.  He can crawl EVERYWHERE and has started pulling himself up on furniture.  He's so strong.  He sits up the best out of the three.  He LOVES those little puff cereal things.  He makes so much noise with his mouth.  Today at church the girl sitting behind us said, "He's going to be a DJ when he's older."  Haha...

Weight - 20 lb 7 oz
Height - 29 in
Clothes - 9-12 months and 12 months
Diapers - Size 3 transitioning to Size 4
Kash is the sweetest thing.  He doesn't like when his brother or sister are crying.  It usually makes him start crying too.   He's the only one that seems to like being thrown up in the air.  The other two get scared, but he loves it.  He is also crawling everywhere.  He loves to climb up on his bouncy seat.  He can't quite pull himself up like Cruz.  He also has FIVE teeth - two on top and three on the bottom.  Kash has the most adorable little laugh.  I love it.  He likes to sit in his bumbo and watch me make bottles, do dishes, cook, etc.  He still loves his little ring finger.  He's easy going and so happy.  

Weight - 20 lb 8 oz
Height - 28 in
Clothes - 9-12 months and 12 months
Diapers - Size 3 transitioning to Size 4
Julie's the cutest little stink.  She's a total diva and makes her appearance known.  She screams and talks all day.  It's so cute.  She wakes up from a nap and will just start babbling and screaming in her crib, which is not so cute when she wakes up her brothers.  I've started putting her down for naps in the guest bedroom in a pack-n-play.  She can scream and talk all she wants in there.  :)  Julie has started army crawling and can get to anywhere she wants.  I think her massive leg rolls get in the way from actually crawling.  She still loves her thumb and her little burp cloth/blanket.  She has to have one in each hand when she goes down for a nap.  She is so content and happy, especially now that she is mobile and can get to any toy she wants.  


Monday, January 6, 2014

First Christmas

 We HAD to get a picture with Santa.  I think Santa was more excited about the babies than the babies were about him.  He asked us if he could print a copy of this picture for his own personal album.  Of course Santa!  :) 

Most adorable little stinks ever! 
Kash & Cruz

 Our first official Brown family portrait.  They turned out great!  Babies all didn't feel good, so no smiles from them, but it's all good. 

 Out looking at Christmas lights.
We spent Christmas Eve at my brother Mitch's house.  Dinner, games, gift exchange - such a fun night!
 The kids acted out the nativity scene.
Opening their Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.

Christmas jammies!
The ring fingers kill me.  So dang cute.
 Christmas morning!!

  My sister-in-law Stephanie got engaged Christmas morning!!!  So excited for her.  And we all love her fiancĂ© Rodney.  Perfect match!

Christmas dinner.
 Curtis' best friend Joe's family.

 We told Curtis family about baby #4 the day after Christmas.  They were all so excited for us.
Uncle Kenny with his homeboys!