Monday, January 6, 2014

First Christmas

 We HAD to get a picture with Santa.  I think Santa was more excited about the babies than the babies were about him.  He asked us if he could print a copy of this picture for his own personal album.  Of course Santa!  :) 

Most adorable little stinks ever! 
Kash & Cruz

 Our first official Brown family portrait.  They turned out great!  Babies all didn't feel good, so no smiles from them, but it's all good. 

 Out looking at Christmas lights.
We spent Christmas Eve at my brother Mitch's house.  Dinner, games, gift exchange - such a fun night!
 The kids acted out the nativity scene.
Opening their Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.

Christmas jammies!
The ring fingers kill me.  So dang cute.
 Christmas morning!!

  My sister-in-law Stephanie got engaged Christmas morning!!!  So excited for her.  And we all love her fiancé Rodney.  Perfect match!

Christmas dinner.
 Curtis' best friend Joe's family.

 We told Curtis family about baby #4 the day after Christmas.  They were all so excited for us.
Uncle Kenny with his homeboys! 

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