Sunday, January 5, 2014

Utah Surprise Trip

We surprised everyone and made a trip to Utah to see family.  It was so hard to keep it a secret.  I was so excited!! 
 Walking through the airport.  Everyone was hoping and praying they weren't on our flight.  But the babies ended up doing great. 
 Grandma helped us on the way to Utah.  We had to fly solo on the way home.  The babies did SO good!  
 Mommy and Kash
  Grandma and Cruz (and his ring finger). 

Jamie was SO surprised to see three babies on her porch.  I put the babies on her doorstep, knocked, and hid.  Shocked was an understatement!  :) 
We surprised my sister at her 40th birthday bash.  We brought along the strippers.   She was SO EXCITED to see us! 

 Morning jammies. 
Ugh.  I definitely don't miss the snow.  At all.  
 Little stink. 
The kids were SO excited to see us!   
Temple square with the fam.  Freezing our butts off.

Trip to BYU
 My friend Kym came by to see us!
I miss this kid! 
 Lia giving Julie kisses
 My little ham.
 The boys and their ring fingers.  We sure miss the Taylors.  

 Jamie & Tyler's ward put on the best Christmas party I have ever been to.  It was amazing!
 Aunt Jamie & Julie

 Olivia playing the piano.  

 Esther & Kash
 Uncle Tyler & Cruz

 Puttin' them to work!  :)  They loved it. 

Happy 40th birthday to my favorite sister! 

Look at these faces.  To die for! 

 Julie & Aunt Stephanie
 Had to get another jammie picture before we left.  
Airplane bathroom. 
Cruz being a big boy.  Delta was AMAZING and let us bring all three carseats on the plane on the way home.  It was awesome.  I was a little worried being outnumbered, but they did great! 
Traveling with triplets is not something I would choose to do everyday, but the trip to Utah was definitely worth it.  We got to see all our old friends and family.  It was a perfect trip (minus the fact that Kash got sick the last day - and passed it to Cruz and Julie just before Christmas). 

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