Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 Months

10 freaking months!  I can't believe they are almost a year old.  This last month was a little hard.  Cruz got sick - fever, runny nose, bad cough…then a few days later Kash got it, and then Julie.  Kash got it the worst.  We had to take him to the doctor and get a couple breathing treatments, antibiotics, a steroid, and an inhaler for a couple weeks.  So sad!  It seemed like we had at least one or two sick babies ALL month!  They were way more fussy and needy than normal, especially the boys.  They just wanted to be held all day - which is extremely hard when there's only one of me.  They've turned into little mama's boys.    

Here's a typical day for us now:  (If I don't write it down, then I know I'll forget what it was like to have 10 month old triplets.)

7:00 am - Babies wake up.  I usually make 3 bottles before I bring them downstairs.  Sometimes one will sleep in a little longer than the others, so I let them.  Curtis and I will feed the first two babies, then I'll go get the other on and feed them.  I change 3 diapers, then let them play and crawl around for a while.  

8:00 am - I put one baby in their high chair and feed them baby food - squash, apple sauce, bananas - whatever I have on hand.  It's easier for me to do it one at a time.  Less messy.  After they eat baby food I give them some Cheerios to munch on and get the next baby and repeat.  

9:00 am - I make sure none of the babies have poopy diapers, then put them down for a nap. We recently split them up for naps.  Julie gets a crib in the nursery, Kash gets a pack-n-play in the bathroom, and Cruz gets a pack-n-play in the guest bedroom.  It works great!  They no longer wake each other up early and usually sleep until 11am.  For some reason they sleep great at night together, but nap separately. 

I try and do a workout video once I put the babies down.  Then I jump in the shower (sometimes) and get ready for the day.  I feel like the babies bathe more often than I do haha.. 

10:30 am - I make 3 bottles in preparation for the babies to wake up.  I hate doing it when they are already awake and hungry.  

11:00 am - Pretty much the same as 7:00am except I'm usually alone.  Whoever wakes up first I feed first.  It's usually Cruz.  Then I grab the next baby, and then the third.  I change all 3 diapers and get the babies dressed for the day.  Not gonna lie, sometimes they stay in their pajamas all day, but they usually get real clothes.  :) 

12:00 pm - I load all three into the car and go somewhere - Target, Costco, Walmart, wherever my heart desires.  Sometimes we just take a walk around our neighborhood.  They still LOVE their stroller…so I can either stay home and hear fussing, or load them up and go somewhere and never hear a peep!  Today we went to Von's.  I make sure to stay out until around 1pm so right when I get home I can just put them down for their second nap. 

1:00 pm - Nap time!  Now that I'm prego I'm definitely more tired than normal.  Sometimes I try and lay down during their nap, but most of the time I have too much to do.  If I have a long "to-do" list it's hard for me to lay down knowing I have a lot to do before they wake up.  I try and clean up the house a bit, fold clothes, iron…whatever needs to be done.  

2:45 pm - I make 3 bottles. 

3:00-3:30 pm - Same as 7am and 11am.  I feed whoever wakes up first…blah blah…change three diapers…etc.  Then I just let them play and crawl around for a while.  

4:45 pm - Baby food.  I'm trying to do more solids, but my babies have the worst gag reflex ever - especially the boys.  I tried cutting up tomatoes into small pieces, but they ended up gagging on the skin and throwing up everywhere.  Next time I'll take off the skin.

5:00 pm - When Curtis gets home from work we load all three babies in the car and go somewhere again.  

6:15 pm - Bath time!  Sometimes I put all three in the bath at once, but usually I just do one at a time and Curtis does the diaper/dressing.

6:45 pm - Make three bottles. 

7:00pm - We usually put Kash in his carseat and prop the bottle for him.  He does it the best. Then Curtis and I can feed Cruz and Julie.  After the bottle they go straight to bed - all in the same room.  We just drop them in their crib and say goodnight.  

After we put them to bed we pick up the house, dishes, throw a load of laundry in, etc.  Then we have Kim & Curtis time, which is so nice.  I'm glad we started putting the babies to bed earlier so we have at least an hour or two with just the two of us.  I'm seriously exhausted by the end of the day, so we usually just watch a show in bed, read our scriptures, then go to sleep.  And the day starts all over again.  :)  

Clothes - 12 months
Diapers - Size 4
Cruz.  This little stink has become such a mama's boy.  Maybe it's just because he has been sick this past month, but he loves to cuddle with me, especially in the morning after his bottle.  He'll crawl around and play for a bit, then crawl back to my feet and fuss and want to be held.    I'll take him in the bathroom with me while I brush my teeth and wash my face.  He's usually happy just crawling around on the floor and being by me.  In the afternoon and at night he's a lot more happy and content alone.  Cruz now has EIGHT teeth, four on top and four on the bottom.  His hair is getting a lot more wavy.  He'e such a fast little crawler and is getting really good at pulling himself up on everything.  He'll let go and stand for a second, then fall on his bum.  He's such a little bully and loves to crawl over his brother and sister.  He laughs and squeals all day.  It's the cutest thing.    

Clothes - 12 months
Diapers - Size 4
Kash has also become a little more needy this last month.  I'm blaming it on being sick, so hopefully it's just a phase.  The morning seems to be the worst for him too.  Once he eats he's definitely happier and will play around for a bit.  A half hour before his nap you can tell he's getting tired and just wants to be held.  Kash and Cruz are such fast crawlers.  They love to explore EVERYWHERE.  Especially where they aren't supposed to - like the office, wires, dog food, etc.  I try and keep them gated in the family room carpet area, but sometimes I let them roam all over.  Kash is also getting good at pulling himself up on things.  You can tell he's getting a lot more confident and will just let go and fall on his bum.  Kash also has EIGHT teeth, four on top and four on the bottom.  He has the cutest little smile.  He smiles every time you smile at him.  He laughs all day, especially at his dad dancing around.  He's such a happy kid.  

Clothes - 12 months and 12-18 months leggings
Diapers - Size 4
Miss Julie has started to feed off her brothers.  She'll hear them fuss and get what they want, so she'll start fussing.  She doesn't even really want to be held or anything, but she'll just fuss when she hears them.  It's kind of funny.  She likes to be held/rocked on the couch while looking out and watching tv or something.  She's mastered the army crawl.  She gets up on her knees occasionally and takes a couple normal crawls.  I think she'll learn soon.  She doesn't pull herself up yet.  She can stand next to furniture if you put her there, but doesn't stand for very long.  She likes to just sit up and play with toys.  She's loves Cheerios and to feed herself.   She laughs and screams all day.  She'll look at me from across the room and give me the biggest smile ever.  She's super ticklish and laugh and giggle when we tickle her.  Julie has TWO teeth, both on the bottom.  She's just the sweetest little thing.    



AmbertheGreat said...

They are so cute! 10 months already, time goes by way to fast. You do an amazing job. I love reading your blog and hearing about your family.

The Dabo's said...

I'm exhausted just reading this! They are doing so many new things, I can't wait to see them again!

John Smith said...

Raising triplets is a huge task, yet very fulfilling. I can imagine how many bottles of milk are prepared each day just to satisfy them. Hehe! Kidding aside, I believe at ten months, you already feed them solid foods like fruits and vegetables. Make sure you always have a bib ready for feeding time! By the way, they’re so adorable! :)

John Smith