Saturday, February 1, 2014

Yep, Definitely Pregnant

Wow.  It still seems a little unreal for me.  I don't understand why things happen the way they do, but I'm just going with it.  I've been able to see the baby 4 times now, but it still is crazy.  Going from infertile to pregnant takes time to sink in.  If you've ever struggled with infertility, then finally got pregnant, you know what I mean.  Regardless of if it's been 2 years or 7 years…

I finally chose an OBGYN and, so far, I love him.  He's this old man that calls me honey and sweetie when he sees me.  Not in an awkward way, more of an endearing way.  Curtis hasn't met him or been to an appointment with me yet since he has to stay home with the babies while I run out.   Every time I have an appointment I get to see the baby because he uses this little handheld ultrasound machine to show me the baby's heartbeat.  My last appointment was at 13 weeks and that little stink was moving all over the place.

I'm not sure if I'm going to find out the gender of the baby.  We have EVERYTHING for both genders so I think I might wait.  We just need to buy an extra crib (yep, that'll be FOUR cribs all under one roof) and crib bedding depending on if it's a boy or a girl.  The ONLY reason why I want to find out the gender in advance is so I can start selling and de-cluttering my house.  If it's a girl, I'm going straight to Craigslist and selling all my boy stuff, or vice versa.  Believe me, with triplets you accumulate A LOT of stuff.

Being pregnant is a very unique experience.  Everyone's situation is different.  Every symptom ranges SO much between person to person.  I was nauseous from about 5 weeks to 12 weeks.  I never threw up.  I just felt carsick all the time and nothing really sounded good.  I felt better if I ate something, so I just snacked on crackers and carbs all day.  One time I sat down and ate a whole box of Cheez-Its.  So weird.  I think the last time I ate a Cheez-It was 20 years ago.  (I even had to google the right way to spell Cheez-It).  All I crave is carbs - All. Day. Long.  Curly fries, churros, crackers, fries, etc.  I'm going to gain like 50lbs I swear.  I feel like I eat all day.  Sometimes I think it's just out of boredom, like when the babies are napping.  Other times I blame it on pregnancy.   I also love breakfast food.  Omelets, pancakes, french toast, steel cut oats…mmmm….

I got extremely tired, which is super hard when you have 9 month old triplets.  Thank goodness it occurred mostly over the holidays when we were around family and had a little extra help.  I'm finally getting my energy back, but I still feel more tired than normal.  Maybe it's just because my babies are sick - AGAIN - and are more needy/fussy than normal.  That always takes a lot out of me anyway - regardless of being pregnant.  I feel like I've been extremely blessed to not be one of those SUPER sick pregnant girls (like my mom).  I have NO idea what I would've done if I was hovering over a toilet all day with three little babies crawling underneath me.  The only one absolutely SUCKY thing about being pregnant for me is ACNE.  It's disgusting.  I have a hard time with one pimple, so when they cover every pore of my face I start to freak out a little.  I don't know what this "glow" thing people talk about is.  Definitely didn't happen for me.  People ask me if I have a baby bump yet.  I reply, "Yep, little baby bumps all over my face."  Sick.  
Look at this?!  How freaking crazy right?  My body HATES Hcg.

I'm sure everyone could care less to see so many selfies, but I want these pictures on my blog when I print it out  :) 
9 Weeks
11 Weeks
 12 Weeks
 13 Weeks
14 Weeks
6 Week Ultrasound
 8 Weeks Ultrasound 
10 Week Ultrasound


.tessa. said...

I feel like a creep, but I've been following your blog since the triplets were born (late congrats on that! They are so adorable!) and I cried when you announced your pregnancy! (Congrats on that, too!) I am in awe of Gods miraculous way of doing things. You look fabulous, and I wanted to tell you that I also get acne during pregnancy. I glow in a shiny red Rudolph kinda way. I totally relate to that being annoying about pregnancy. I look forward to your updates and wish you and your darling family the best!!

Camille said...

Just want to say how happy and excited I am for you! I was in the Nike store when I looked at my Instagram and saw your post about being pregnant... and I happily freak out! I even told my husband this wonderful blessing your family received! Stories like this gives me so much hope and helps me strengthen my faith in our Heavenly Father.
Pregnancy acne SUCKS! I broke up horrible when I was pregnant and I still have all my acne scars, yuck. Something that may help with the redness and inflammation of the acne is putting on an Aspirin mask! (I think it'll be safe while pregnant?) get super cheap aspirin that'll break down when wet and turn into a paste... rub it onto your face that needs it and wait for it to dry for 10 mins. I've seen a HUGE difference when I started doing this! (It makes you sneeze like crazy though!)


Sorry you are breaking out! STORY OF MY LIFE and I don't even have a solid excuse like being pregnant! I broke out really bad with all my pregnancies...but, it does get better that 3rd trimester.
At least you are a HOT, Skinny, Pregnant Momma!....who looks like she just ate a burrito! What we all would give to be tall and skinny like you!...I'm certain you will be one of the lucky ones and never have to buy a single Maternity item. You look AWESOME!!

George Chambers said...

Congratulations! A baby on the way is the greatest gift for you this 2014. It’s just disappointing that you have to experience an acne problem during your pregnancy. Have you checked with a dermatologists? It's good to clear it out with one, because I know there are medications that you can't take or use while you’re pregnant.