Wednesday, March 12, 2014

11 Months

11 months old.  I can't believe they are one month away from a year old.  I finally have my happy babies back.  They are all healthy and happy again.  I seriously hate when they are sick - especially when it goes through all three (which is ALWAYS does).  They are such different babies when they don't feel good.  
They still drink 4 bottles a day with food in between.  They love to snack on cheerios and puffs.  They have learned that if they hit their tray really hard when there are cheerios on it, the cheerios go flying all over.  They love it.  I hate it.  They don't eat very much during the day.  They still have the worst gag reflex and choke on even the tiniest pieces of bread.  I'm worried that when I switch to whole milk and stop formula they won't get all the calories/nutrients they need in the day.  I'll probably keep them on a bottle for a few months after their year mark just so they at least drink milk - then work on eating more. We'll see. 
It's starting to warm up here in Cali, which is SOOO nice.  I seriously don't know what I would do if I still lived in Utah with the freezing temperatures and the ground covered in snow.  We go for walks everyday.  They LOVE their choo choo wagon.  I would definitely recommend it to any triplet mom.  It's so easy just to plop them down into their seats, rather than get my stroller, with all three car seats to snap in.  I'm going to invest in a quad stroller once baby #4 comes, or maybe even before.  Any suggestions on your favorites??  I'm thinking the Foundations Quad from Target, but haven't decided yet. 
Clothes - 12 months, 12-18 months
Diapers - Size 4
Cruz is seriously one happy kid.  Last month, when he was sick, he was extra fussy and needy, but all that changed once he started feeling good again.  He smiles and giggles all day long.  He's the worst napper out of the three.  He's always the first one to wake up, usually 15-30 minutes before the others.  He's getting really good at pulling himself up on things and walking along furniture.  He loves to crawl over things.  Instead of going around toys or siblings, he'll crawl over them.  He still has eight teeth and the cutest little buck teeth.  His hair is starting to get more curly all over.  I love it.  Cruz has started to talk more and just babbles nonsense.  

Clothes - 12 months, 12-18 months
Diapers - Size 4
Kash is just the cutest little stink.  His giggle is the best.  He still loves to jump around in the exersaucer or johnny jumper thing.  He is also getting really good at pulling himself up and walking along furniture.  He has started to not really love being in his car seat.  Maybe once they face forward he'll do better.  He does good with toys and things to keep him busy, but pretty much just wants out.  Kash still has eight teeth and cute little buck teeth just like Cruz.  He is starting to babble more and says "baba", "mama", "dada", but doesn't know what they mean.   His hair is also getting a little more curly.  He has this mohawk that goes all the way down the back of his head.  I love it.  

Clothes - 12 months, 12-18 months
Diapers - Size 4
Oh sweet Julie.  She has the bast cackle laugh you have ever heard.  It is hilarious.  She has become a little more whinny this last month.  I think sometimes she sees her brothers being held and gets jealous so she'll whine.  She LOVES Baby Einstein.  She'll crawl around, sit on her bum, and look up at the tv.  If we put her in her car seat to drink her bottle, she'll peek out around the monkey sling to watch the tv.  It's so funny.  I'm hoping Baby Einstein will help on the drive next month to St. George.  We'll see…  Julie has also started to talk more this last month.  She has "dada" down pat, but doesn't know what it means.  She doesn't know how to pull herself up yet, but it won't be long before she learns.  Julie still has two little teeth on the bottom.  I don't see any more coming in, but I bet they will soon.  She's such a sweet little stink. 



KaylaOrtiz said...

I used the Foundations Quad stroller and really liked it. It was pretty easy to fold/unfold and push around. My kids enjoyed it and the independent recling seats really came in handy for the baby who wanted to lay down when the older kids liked to sit and look around. The only thing I didn't like was how heavy it was, but with something that big there isn't any other option. Good luck!

Chantel said...

We used that Quad stroller when we were doing Foster care. It's a beast of a thing to push around. Got all sorts of looks when we were out and about, lol. It held up well and is a good stroller for four littles at once. And I agress with the previous poster, it is heavy!