Thursday, March 27, 2014

Baby #4 - 21 Weeks

I had my 21 week appointment last week.  I got to hear little baby boy's heartbeat.  Sweetest sound in the world.  It's crazy how different a singleton pregnancy is than triplets.  We got to see the triplets at EVERY single appointment - which was every other week, then every week, then twice a week.  With one, they just listen to the heartbeat, feel your tummy, and send you on your way until next month. 

I'm feeling really good right now.  My sciatic pain is WAY less than what it was a few weeks ago.  I followed some advice from a comment on my last pregnancy post and had Curtis put his elbow on my butt cheek and massage it out.  I thought it sounded crazy, but it totally worked!  The next day it felt SO much better.  It still hurts, but at least I can function as a mom and even work out still.  My skin is OUTRAGEOUS again.  Just when I thought it was getting better it took a turn for the worse.  Holy hell!  I can take feeling nauseous, exhausted, getting fat, back pain - but the worst part about pregnancy for me is the acne for sure.  I know that sounds totally vain, but I hate it.  Oh well, what are ya gonna do?  

I started feeling this little guy flutter around at about 18 weeks.  Now he moves and kicks all the time.  I don't really notice it until the babies are napping on in bed for the night.  It such a crazy/awesome feeling.  I just love him already.  
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skittles36 said...

Have you tried coconut oil on your face? It does really work, for some reason mine has started to break out bad and it's cleared it up.

Stephanie said...

Can't wait to see you next week!!! yay!!!!!!

bonnieporter7 said...

My friend has sciatic pain and said to either sit with a tennis ball under you. Same principle as the elbow or stand against a wall with the tennis ball on the spot and kinda massage the pain away. She swears by it and was given this advice by a physical therapist.

cachehunt said...

Just happened on your blog... So touching to read! And I am so impressed with your dedication to blogging/journaling everything. What a gift to your family.
I just wanted to tell you I had horrible sciatic pain during my two pregnancies, and was super frustrated I couldn't work out as well! What I discovered this last time around was to put a heel lift in my shoe on the side that was shorter (which is the one in pain). It made a WORLD of difference.
Hope that helps. Thanks for sharing your story!! Your family is beautiful.